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Zumwhere Theme

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Theme History

The Zumwhere Theme is made up of Zumwhere prizes.

The Zumwhere feature was introduced to Webkinz world in March 2009.

Several Zum-related items have also been prizes in Ganz eStore.

Theme Furniture

Picture Name Item Type
File:Ancientclaypot.png Ancient Clay Pot Zummie Catalog prize
File:Ancientzumfieldguide.png Ancient Zum Field Guide Bratty Zums Prize
File:Brattybookshelf.png Bratty Bookshelf Z-Shop
File:Brattyzumlounger.png Bratty Zum Lounger Z-Shop
File:Cloudyarmchair.png Cloudy Armchair Z-Shop
File:Cloudycouch.png Cloudy Couch Zummie Catalog prize
File:Cloudywindow.png Cloudy Window Z-Shop
File:Fieldchair.png Field Chair Zummie Catalog prize
File:Fieldguidepedestal.png Field Guide Pedestal Zippy Zums prize
File:Fieldsketch.png Field Sketch Zummie Catalog prize
File:Gigglygardenzum.png Giggly Garden Zum Z-Shop
File:Lazyzumbigscreen.png Lazy Zum Big Screen Z-Shop
File:Magicalforestwallmap.png Magical Forest Wall Map Zummie Catalog prize
File:Ponderpond2.png Ponder Pond Zummie Catalog prize
File:Rainbowhologram.png Rainbow Hologram Z-Shop
File:Tabletopcandles.png Table Top Candles Zummie Catalog prize
File:Trickyzumcloud.png Tricky Zum Cloud Z-Shop
File:Windowtozumwhere.png Window to Zumwhere Z-Shop
File:Zumcrossingsign.png Zum Crossing Sign Lazy Zums prize
File:Zumdreamingtree.png Zum Dreaming Tree Zummie Catalog prize
File:Zumfountain.png Zum Fountain Zummies Catalog prize
File:Zumgardenornament.png Zum Garden Ornament Zummies Catalog prize
File:Zumplush.png Zum Plush Zummies Catalog prize
File:Zumposter.png Zum Poster Zummies Catalog prize
File:Zumsanctuary.png Zum Sanctuary Grand Prize
File:Zumscope.png Zum Scope Z-Shop
File:Zumstatue.png Zum Statue Zummies Catalog prize
File:Zumtapestry.png Zum Tapestry Z-Shop
File:Zumtopiary.png Zum Topiary Tricky Zums prize
File:Zumtrophy.png Zum Trophy Peeking Zums prize
File:Zumwatchingcase.png Zum Watching Case Zummies Catalog prize
File:Zumwelcomemat.png Zum Welcome Mat Zummies Catalog prize
File:Zummiesbouquet.png Zummies Bouquet Z-Shop
File:Zumwherecloudmachine.png Zumwhere Cloud Machine Z-Shop
File:Zumwherecoatofarms.png Zumwhere Coat of Arms Z-Shop
File:Zumwhereglobe.png Zumwhere Globe Zummies Catalog prize
File:Zumwherelamppost.png Zumwhere Lamp Post Z-Shop
File:Zumwheremusicbox.png Zumwhere Music Box Z-Shop
File:Zumwheremusicmaker.png Zumwhere Music Maker Z-Shop
File:Zumwhereplacesetting.png Zumwhere Place Setting Z-Shop
File:Zumwheretapestry.png Zumwhere Tapestry Z-Shop
File:Zumwheretoychest.png Zumwhere Toy Chest Z-Shop
File:Zumwherewardrobe.png Zumwhere Wardrobe Z-Shop
File:Zummiegumballmachine.png Zummie Gumball Machine Z-Shop

Miscellaneous Zum Items

Picture Name Item Type
File:Brattyzumrocker.png Bratty Zum Rocker Ganz eStore
File:Fizzyzumsodamachine.png Fizzy Zum Soda Machine Ganz eStore
File:Fluffycloudsflooring.png Fluffy Clouds Flooring Ganz eStore
File:Fluffycloudswallpaper.png Fluffy Clouds Wallpaper Ganz eStore
File:Gigglyzumrocker.png Giggly Zum Rocker Ganz eStore
File:Peekingzumrocker.png Peeking Zum Rocker Ganz eStore
File:Trickyzumrocker.png Tricky Zum Rocker Ganz eStore

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