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This page is under construction. If you are familiar with this feature and you have any information to add, please do. You can either edit the text directly, or you can add it to the "discussion" page.

Zumbuddies and Zumbuddy Klips are plush toys sold by Webkinz. Zumbuddies are an imaginary animal created by GANZ; the plush toy is usually brightly colored has wings, two legs, two arms, and antennae. Zumbuddies and Zumbuddy Klips come with a code that allows you to unlock a virtual version of the animal on Webkinz. While the plush toy is called a Zumbuddy, the virtual pet is called a Zum. Zums live in Zumwhere, and if unlocked, can be accessed in the Magical Forest.

In terms of the physical plush, a Zumbuddy Klip is slightly smaller than a Zumbuddy and has a clip attached to it which the plain Zumbuddy does not have. In a virtual sense, the Zumbuddy and the Zumbuddy Klip are identical, and both provide your Webkinz Pet with a flying Zum and access to the Visit Zums (Zumbuddies) and Z shop. areas of Zumwhere.

To learn more about the Zumwhere feature, please click here: Zumwhere.


Zumbuddy Plushies & Zumbuddy Klips



Series 1

  • WE000600 Zed Zippy Zum
  • WE000601 Zoola Bratty Zum
  • WE000602 Zalo Tricky Zum
  • WE000603 Zlock Lazy Zum
  • WE000604 Zool Giggly Zum
  • WE000605 Zana Peeking Zum

Series 2


  • WE000696 Zoro Zippy Zum
  • WE000697 Zami Bratty Zum
  • WE000698 Zype Tricky Zum
  • WE000699 Zane Lazy Zum
  • WE000700 Zuzu Giggly Zum
  • WE000701 Zip Peeking Zum

Series 3


Series 4

Zoza Zippy Zum
File:Zoza Zumbuddy.png
    Zehe Bratty Zum
File:Zehe Zumbuddy.png

Zann Tricky Zum
File:Zann Zumbuddy.png
    Zeta Lazy Zum
File:Zeta Zumbuddy.png

Zreth Giggly Zum
File:Zreth Zumbuddy.png
    Zahara Peeking Zum
File:Zahara Zumbuddy.png

Virtual Zumbuddies

On October 28th "Zumbuddies" were added to Webkinz World.


Players entering the feature code off of a Zumbuddy plushie receive a virtual Zumbuddy in Webkinz World. Zumbuddies fly, play, dance, eat, and even follow Webkinz into the Clubhouse. When two Zumbuddies get together on the same account, they play together and share toys.


A new "Z Shop" was added to Webkinz World as part of this new feature. Zumbuddy owners can buy items from this shop to make their Zumbuddies happy. Happy Zumbuddies reward their owners with Zummies that can be used to purchase prizes in the "Z Shop".


When you adopt your Zumbuddy you unlock the Visit Zums feature in Zumwhere, for each zumbuddy you get a large room in Zumwhere for your Zumbuddy, and ten zummies of each color. After your fifth (the 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th) Zumbuddy you are awarded 15 zummies instead of a room. On your 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th...Zumbuddy adoption you will receive another room.



When a zumbuddy reaches 100% happiness it will throw a party. When more than one zumbuddy are in a room all of them must be at 100% happiness for them to throw a party, and the more zumbuddies that throw a party together, the better your chances of earning zummies. The maximum amount of zumbuddies that can party together is five and a five zum party earns 20 zummies!

Currently the odds of earning zummies is as follows: During a one zum party: 1-2%; During a two zum party: 8-10%; During a three zum party: 15-20%; During a four zum party: unknown; During a five zum party: 20-33%

Remember these numbers only represent the chance odds of earning zummies, there is no guarantee that zummies will be awarded. When you have gotten zummies, two zummies will appear above one of your Zumbuddy's heads showing the color and number of zummies that were awarded.

In addition to having better odds of earning zummies, multiple zumbuddy parties award more zummies at once! The award number in zummies is as follows: During a one zum party: 5 zummies; During a two zum party: 5 zummies; During a three zum party: 10 zummies; During a four zum party: 15 zummies; During a five zum party: 20 zummies

The Zumbuddies always randomly award two colors of zummies totaling those numbers. Also note that these zummies are different from the Zumwhere red, yellow, green and blue zummies. They are light blue, purple, yellow and pink. They can be used in the "Z-shop" to purchase furniture and decorations (which go in your zumbuddy's room) or prizes to use in your Webkinz World rooms! Unlike the prizes that are purchased with zummies from the Zum Catalog, these prizes cannot be traded or sent via Kinz Post. Here are pictures of the prizes which can currently be purchased with zummies from the Z-Shop: 337116-prizes-picture-2.png