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Zingoz Bowling

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Game History


On May 15th, 2010, an news story appeared in Webkinz World showing a new game called "Zingoz Bowling". A few days later the article was removed.

Then, on June 3rd, the game suddenly appeared on the "log on" page for Webkinz World.

How to Find the Game

The game can only be found on the Webkinz Log On page. It is NOT available inside of Webkinz World.

Click HERE to go to the game's page.

  • The game is unavalible for further notice

How to Play


Use the Left and Right arrows on your keyboard to aim the ball.

Use the Control button to change the angle of the throw.

Use the Space Bar to "roll" the ball. The longer you hold down the Space Bar, the harder the ball will be rolled.

You get three chances to knock down as many Wacky-pins as you can.

Since this game is "outside" of Webkinz World, no KinzCash is awarded for the game. So far, we have found that NO codes, items, etc can be won from this game.

Tips & Tricks

  • If you get three strikes you will get a perfect score for the game: 30 points.

  • If you place the ball on the far right, and angle towards the middle from there, you can easily knock down tons of pins.