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Yummytummy Tumbler

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Yummytummy Tumbler (commonly referred to as "YTT") is a blender recipe made with ginger ale, papaya, and farm fresh cabbage.[1]

It was solved by Webkinz Insider member ClaraZ25 on September 25, 2009.

The recipe was released on August 5, 2007, along with four other recipes: Chimericamaki, Gladdugrumble, Slipinsip, and Syzyglorbit.

This recipe was solved two years and fifty-one days after its release date. This made it one of the longest unsolved recipes in the history of Webkinz World. It also held the record for being the longest unsolved recipe from August 23, 2008 until June 18, 2012. These dates mark the day at which Yummytummy Tumber exceeded the record of Epochiquox Glimmer and the date at which Boiled Wyvernacle exceeded the record of Yummytummy Tumbler, respectively. It also was the first recipe to use farm fresh cabbage as an ingredient.

Appliance Ingredients
Image:Blender Large.png 1543-1.png 1522-1.png 2332-1.png
Blender Ginger Ale Papaya Farm Fresh Cabbage

The Webkinz Newz has this to say about the recipe: "Sore tummy? Feeling under the weather? Made of tummy-friendly foods, this soothing pink drink is just what the doctor ordered!"

  1. Farm Fresh Cabbage cannot be purchased in the W-Shop - you have to grow it in your garden.

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