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Wrapping Paper

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When you send a gift at the KinzPost, you can choose from the wrapping paper choices shown below. The default wrapping paper adds no additional cost, but the other wrapping paper options will add to the price of sending the gift.

Preview Name Type Cost
File:Brown.PNG Plain Paper Default 0 KC
File:Blue.PNG Blue Paper Default 10 KC
File:Red.PNG Red Paper Default 10 KC
File:Crown of Wonder.PNG Crown of Wonder Paper Deluxe Only 15 KC
File:World Traveler.PNG World Traveler Paper Deluxe Only 15 KC
File:Golden.PNG Golden Paper Deluxe Only 20 KC
File:Pink.PNG Pink Paper Default 20 KC
File:Silver.PNG Silver Paper Default 20 KC
File:Pink Hearts.PNG Hearts Paper Default 25 KC
File:Polka Dots.PNG Polka Dots Default 25 KC
File:Wizard.PNG Wizard Paper Default 25 KC
File:Blue Flakes.PNG Blue Snowflakes Paper Christmas Seasonal 30 KC
File:Redsnowflakes.png Red Snowflakes Paper Christmas Seasonal 30 KC
File:Unicorn.PNG Unicorn Paper Default, added in Apr '09 30 KC
File:Deluxe.PNG Deluxe Paper Deluxe Only 40 KC
File:Fairy.PNG Fairy Paper Default, added in Apr '09 50 KC
File:Wacky.PNG Wacky Paper Default, added in Apr '09 50 KC
File:Sparkly.PNG Sparkly Paper Default 60 KC
File:Blue Dot.PNG Blue Dot Paper Deluxe Pencil Case 20 KC
File:Flower.PNG Flower Paper Deluxe Pencil Case 25 KC
File:Magicwpaper.png Magic W Paper Deluxe Pencil Case 40 KC
File:Yellow Star.PNG Yellow Star Paper School Essentialz 20 KC
File:Paint Splatter.PNG Paint Splatter School Essentialz 25 KC
File:Rainbow.PNG Rainbow Paper School Essentialz 40 KC
File:Yellowswirlies.png Yellow Swirlies Retired Default 35 KC