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Woodland Wonders

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In order to enter Woodland Wonders, you need to enter a Figurine code, either from the Ganz eStore or a Webkinz retailer. The Ganz eStore sells virtual figurines only, but some retailers sell physical figurines that come with a virtual figurine code. The figures that you purchase from the eStore or from a retailer each come with a virtual figure specific item (FSI). Pictures of both the virtual figurines and the FSI can be seen in the (Picture Gallery) Virtual Figures & Figure Specific Items.

The figurine codes are entered in the Code Shop. Once a code has been entered, the Woodland Wonders Entrance in the Magical Forest will be unlocked.


  • The figurines that you purchase from either the Ganz eStore or other retailer do not add to the virtual figure collection. The virtual figure collection is acquired by the figure prizes from clicking on fairies in the Woodland Wonders daily activity.

How to Play

You can play once a day, and the object of the activity is to use the star-shaped wand to click on the rising green-haired male fairies to obtain a prize. You move from side to side by clicking on the arrows on either side of the screen. Fairies can hold different items, depending on how many figurines you have unlocked. The "dud" prize is sap glop, but the fairy may also give you a figure prize to add to your virtual figure collection, a pixie pod seed for the Pixie Pod Pachinko game, a key (silver, gold, or emerald) or an actual prize item.



Clicking on the i on the upper left of your Webkinz screen opens up the following description of Woodland Wonders:

File:Woodlandinfo page1.png

File:Woodlandinfo page2.png


The Woodland Wonders item prizes and Key Collection prizes can be seen in the Picture Gallery: Woodland Wonders & Forest Key Prizes, and their values are shown in the (WIGEV) Magical Forest Items#Woodland Wonders.

Random Woodland Wonder Prizes

The random prize items that can be won in the daily Woodland Wonders activity from clicking on the fairies are:

Common Prizes:

File:Charmedmushroomhat.png File:Magicalforestpants.png
Charmed Mushroom Hat Magical Forest Pants

Uncommon Prizes:

File:Wandsparkletree.png File:Charmedboots.png
Wand Sparkle Tree Charmed Boots

Rare Prizes:

File:Ancientbronzefairyshield.png File:Charmeddress.png File:Malefairyplush.png 4154-1.png
Ancient Bronze Fairy Shield Charmed Dress Male Fairy Plush Woodland Tiara

Forest Key Prizes

Note: These keys can also be searched for in Magic Mire.

There are 15 silver Common keys, 10 gold Uncommon keys gold and 5 emerald Rare keys. After completing a row of keys, you get to choose a prize.

Each time you complete your set of 15 Silver Keys you can choose one of the following three Forest Key prizes:

File:Pixiepodballoons.png File:Magicalforesttophat.png 2284-1.png
Pixie Pod Balloons Magical Forest Top Hat Magical Forest Crystal

You may also choose to receive a Gold Key instead of one of the above prizes.

Each time you complete a set of 10 Gold Keys you can choose one of the following Forest Key prizes:

File:Goldleafdiningchair.png File:Magicalforestkeyplaque.png File:Woodlandwonderscollectionbox.png
Gold Leaf Dining Chair Magical Forest Key Plaque Woodland Wonders Collection Box

You may also choose to receive an Emerald Key instead of one of the above prizes.

With 5 Emerald Keys, you can choose one of the following:

File:Emeraldeyepyramid.png File:Goldleafarmoire.png File:Goldleafdiningtable.png
Emerald Eye Pyramid Gold Leaf Armoire Gold Leaf Dining Table

Virtual Figure Collections

Here is a list of figure prizes that can be won for your virtual collection.

Common Figures

In order from left to right and from top to bottom on the "common" tab are:

File:Commonyorkiecheerleader.png File:Commonblackandwhitecat.png File:Commongoldenretriever.png File:Commontakeiteasyterrier.png File:Commonelephant.png‎
Yorkie Cheerleader Black and White Cat Golden Retriever Take It Easy Terrier Elephant
File:Commonmonkey.png File:Prettypinkpoodle.png File:Commonfrog.png File:Commondalmatian.png File:Commonwhiteterrier.png
Monkey Pretty Pink Poodle Frog Dalmatian White Terrier
File:Commonreindeerrunner.png File:Commonpinkpicniccharcoalcat.png File:Commondeardiaryleopard.png File:Commonrollerpig.png File:Commonfraidycatlion.png
Reindeer Runner Pink Picnic
Charcoal Cat
Dear Diary Leopard Roller Pig Fraidy Cat Lion
File:Commonthreecheerstiger.png File:Commonlifeguardgoogles.png File:Commonsupershopperyellowlab.png File:Commonhoopdreamsseal.png File:Commonteetimeraccoon.png
Three Cheers Tiger Lifeguard Googles Super Shopper
Yellow Lab
Hoop Dreams Seal Tee Time Raccoon
Ballerina Husky Dog Wiletters.png

Uncommon Figures

In order from left to right and top to bottom on the "uncommon" tab are:

File:Uncommoncheekymonkey.png File:Uncommonchihuahua.png File:Uncommonpug.png File:Uncommonchocolab.png File:Uncommonbeagle.png
Cheeky Monkey Chihuahua Pug Choco Lab Beagle
File:Uncommoncockerspanielkinzpostcarrier.png File:Uncommonpinto.png File:Uncommoncockerspaniel.png File:Pinkandwhitekaratecat.png File:Uncommoncowgirlclydesdale.png
Cocker Spaniel
(KinzPost Carrier)
Pinto Cocker Spaniel Pink and White
Karate Cat
Cowgirl Clydesdale
File:Uncommonhousepaintinghippo.png File:Uncommonmachoneturtle.png File:Uncommonbigcatchbulldog.png File:Uncommonbreakingnewscockerspaniel.png File:Uncommonherotobegermanshepherd.png
House Painting Hippo Mach One Turtle Big Catch Bulldog Breaking News
Cocker Spaniel
German Shepherd

Rare Figures

In order from left to right and top to bottom on the "rare" tab are:

File:Rare Polar Bear.png
Chillin' Out Polar Bear
Trumpet Playing Googles
Brushing Up Hippo
KinzPinz Panda
Surfing Tree Frog
Magic Time Rabbit
Pop Groovin' Gorilla
Ahoy Cheeky Monkey
File:Rare At Your Service Penguin.png
At Your Service Penguin
Koala Archaeologist
Chow Down Duck
Swashbucklin' Schnauzer