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Wishing Well 2

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Webkinz Wishing Well 2 is a Daily Activity in Webkinz World that can be found in the Arcade. It replaced the old version of the Webkinz Wishing Well on July 12, 2007.


Once you have begun playing the game, click "Make A Wish". 9 different objects will be revealed in the well. If two or more of the same object are in a horizontal row, you will receive an amount of KinzCash.

Any rewards from combinations in the center row of the results will be multiplied by three. Below is a table of the rewards from all possible combinations.

Combination Rewards

Object Amount Normal Reward Middle Row Reward
Fruit 2 5 KC 15
Fruit 3 35 KC 105 KC
Pet 2 10 KC 30 KC
Pet 3 100 KC 300 KC
Well 1 5 KC 15 KC
Well 2 50 KC 150 KC
Well 3 1000 KC Choice of
Current Exclusive

If you achieve the coveted result of three wells in the center row, you will receive your choice of any current exclusive item.

File:3 Wells in Center Row Wishing Well 2.png