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Wishing Well

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This page is about the retired arcade game Wishing Well. If you are looking for information about the Daily Activity Wishing Well 2 follow this link: Wishing Well 2

The Webkinz Wishing Well was replaced by the Wishing Well 2 game on July 12, 2007. The original Wishing Well Game has never appeared again and is now officially retired.

The game was retired because there were several complaints that the game was too similar to the method of gambling.


The game worked similar in operation to the Wishing Well 2 game but had the opportunity for members to win much larger KinzCash Prizes. It did not, however, allow members to have the opportunity to win exclusive items, as in Wishing Well 2.

The Wishing Well game had 3 rows of 5 icons, whereas the Wishing Well 2 game has 3 rows of 3 icons.