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Wish Factory

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The Wish Factory is the section of Webkinz World where you can store up and spend your Wish Tokens. It is run by Amanda Panda and can be accessed from the Map of Kinzville or the Things to Do menu.


Wish Tokens

 Wish Token
Wish Tokens are awarded for many reasons including playing Token Balloon Dartz and spinning the Wheel of Wishes. Also, when it is your birthday, Webkinz will send you a gift package including a Wish Token. Players with Deluxe Membership receive one Wish Token in their monthly Deluxe Gift Box. Wish Tokens can also be earned at the Wacky Logout Carnival. Once you have collected enough tokens and deposited them in the Wish Machine, you can buy an exclusive item. The minimum amount of tokens you can deposit in order to earn an exclusive item is 10 tokens. The more tokens you have collected, the larger the selection of exclusives you can choose from.

Super Tokens

Token Collector Trophy

If you get a super token, there is a chance for you to win a Token Collector Trophy. You will not know if you a have a super token until you insert it into the Wish Machine because the super tokens look just like regular Wish Tokens.

If you don't win the trophy, your super token will win KinzCash or count as 2 or even 3 tokens.

Wish Machine

The Wish Machine is located in the Wish Factory. You can use the Wish Machine to deposit your Wish Tokens. If you save at least ten tokens, you can purchase an exclusive item. Some exclusive items cost as much as 15 tokens.

Wish of the Day

Once a day, a Webkinz World account is awarded an exclusive item. To enter this contest, click on the Wish of the Day crystal ball on the table in front of Amanda Panda. The Wish Machine will display the previous day's winner and the prize they received. Then you select a item from the Wish Machine that you would like to win. Once your wish is selected, it is set for the day and cannot be changed. You can wish for any item, as the token values do not make a difference.

History of the Wish Factory

The Wish Factory was added to Webkinz World on March 6, 2008.

The Wish of the Day was added on November 10, 2010.

Current Exclusive Items And Their Token Costs

Any currently available exclusive items (excluding super beds) can be purchased in the Wish Factory with your Wish Tokens. The Wish Token cost can be seen in the Wish Machine window. Below is a list of all the currently available exclusives along with their cost in wish tokens.

Picture Exclusive item Amount Of Tokens
File:Amazingantfarm.png Amazing Ant Farm 12 Tokens
File:Ancientaztecstonestatue.png Ancient Aztec Stone Statue 12 Tokens
3226-1.png Antique Fashion Mirror 10 Tokens
3168-1.png Antique Lamp Post 10 Tokens
File:Antiquewishingwell.png Antique Wishing Well 10 Tokens
File:Bigcitybus.png Big City Bus 15 Tokens
File:Bigcitystreetcar.png Big City Streetcar 15 Tokens
File:Bluebutterflytrellis.png Blue Butterfly Trellis 10 Tokens
File:Bubblewrapchair.png Bubble Wrap Chair 12 Tokens
File:Bulldozer.png Bulldozer 10 Tokens
4515-1.png Bumper Car 10 Tokens
File:Circusballtrampoline.png Circus Ball Trampoline 10 Tokens
File:Classiccarbooth.png Classic Car Booth 12 Tokens
File:Clowncar.png Clown Car 12 Tokens
File:Dressrehearsalcostumerack.png Dress Rehearsal Costume Rack 15 Tokens
File:Egyptiantombwindow.png Egyptian Tomb Window 15 Tokens
File:Enchantedgardenfountain.png Enchanted Garden Fountain 10 Tokens
File:Goldenappletree.png Golden Apple Tree 12 Tokens
3217-1.png Haunted Painting 10 Tokens
File:Holographicglobe.png Holographic Globe 10 Tokens
File:Kingofthegardenstatue.png King of the Garden Statue 10 Tokens
File:Kinzvillewindow.png Kinzville Window[1] 10 Tokens
File:Leathersofa.png Leather Sofa 10 Tokens
File:Liontopiary.png Lion Topiary 10 Tokens
File:Medievalcanopytent.png Medieval Canopy Tent 15 Tokens
File:Medievaltorch.png Medieval Torch 15 Tokens
File:Meltingchocolatecouch.png Melting Chocolate Couch 15 Tokens
File:Miningcart.png Mining Cart 10 Tokens
4606-1.png Moon Rover 10 Tokens
File:Neogothictoilet.png Neo Gothic Toilet 10 Tokens
File:Northernlandsstatue.png Northern Lands Statue 15 Tokens
File:Orangeplasmaball.png Orange Plasma Ball 12 Tokens
File:Playpentrampoline.png Playpen Trampoline 15 Tokens
File:Ridingtherailstrain.png Riding the Rails Train 12 Tokens
File:Rockoutboomboxrecliner.png Rock Out Boombox Recliner 12 Tokens
File:Rocketshiplounger.png Rocket Ship Lounger 10 Tokens
File:Royalbluejeweledegg.png Royal Blue Jeweled Egg 12 Tokens
4466-1.png Running Shoe Racer 10 Tokens
File:Safeandsoundminilocker.png Safe and Sound Mini Locker 12 Tokens
File:Saltwateraquatable.png Salt Water Aqua Table 15 Tokens
4992-1.png School House Desk 10 Tokens
4617-1.png Seaside Palace Sandcastle 10 Tokens
File:Snackcartstove.png Snack Cart Stove 15 Tokens
File:Speedyscooter.png Speedy Scooter[2] 12 Tokens
File:Swancarboat.png Swan Boat Car 10 Tokens
File:Timemachine.png Time Machine 15 Tokens
4706-1.png Time Warp Clock 10 Tokens
5675-1.png Webkinz Arcade Sign 10 Tokens
4491-1.png Webkinz Day Countdown 10 Tokens
File:Webkinznewzcamera.png Webkinz Newz Camera 10 Tokens
File:Wildwaterski.png Wild Water Ski 12 Tokens
File:Woodenhorsetoybox.png Wooden Horse Toy Box 15 Tokens
File:Yellowplasmaball.png Yellow Plasma Ball 10 Tokens
File:Zangozchocolatefountain.png Zangoz Chocolate Fountain 10 Tokens

Retired Exclusive Items

> Click here to view pictures of the retired Exclusives.


  1. The "Kinzville Window" is also called the "Webkinz Window".
  2. The "Speedy Scooter" is also called the "European Scooter".