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Winter Wonderland Theme

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Theme History

The Winter Wonderland Theme was introduced to the wShop in ????.

It was removed from the wShop in June 2013.

In January 2014 the Winter Wonderland theme returned to the wShop. Three new items were added: the Icy Cold Wardrobe, the Snowball Beanbag Chair and the Winter Wonderland Clock. Two of the older items did not reappear: the Chilly Lounging Chair and the Frosted Ice Floor Lamp.

The Winter Wonderland Theme returned to the wShop on January 1, 2015. Three new items were added: Ice Block Flooring, First Snow Couch and Winter Wonderland Fireplace. Four of the old items did not reappear: Chilly Lounging Chair, Frosted Ice Floor Lamp, Ice Cold Toy Box and Winter Wonderland Sofa.

Theme Preview


Theme Furniture

Picture Name Item Type Cost
1850-1.png Awesome Arctic Television wShop 695 KC
1846-1.png Chilly Lounging Chair wShop 315 KC
1837-1.png Cool Ice Coffee Table wShop 325 KC
File:Firstsnowcouch.png First Snow Couch wShop 600 KC
1842-1.png First Snow Flooring wShop 150 KC
1844-1.png Frosted Ice Floor Lamp wShop 115 KC
1839-1.png Frozen Delights Dining Chair wShop 200 KC
1838-1.png Ice Block Counter wShop 210 KC
File:Iceblockflooring.png Ice Block Flooring wShop 430 KC
1845-1.png Ice Block Wall wShop 140 KC
1853-1.png Ice Block Wallpaper wShop 150 KC
1851-1.png Ice Cold Toy Box wShop 225 KC
File:Icecoldwardrobe.png Ice Cold Wardrobe wShop 795 KC
1843-1.png Icy Cold Icebox wShop 650 KC
1836-1.png Icy Cool Blender wShop 225 KC
1852-1.png Polar Trophy Pedestal wShop 180 KC
File:Snowballbeanbagchair.png Snowball Beanbag Chair wShop 400 KC
1847-1.png Snowflake Side Table wShop 190 KC
1848-1.png Snowy the Snow Bernard wShop 130 KC
1841-1.png Winter Breeze Dresser wShop 550 KC
1840-1.png Winter Feast Dining Table wShop 480 KC
1835-1.png Winter Wonderland Bed wShop 875 KC
File:Winterwonderlandclock.png Winter Wonderland Clock wShop 265 KC
File:Winterwonderlandfireplace.png Winter Wonderland Fireplace wShop 750 KC
1849-1.png Winter Wonderland Sofa wShop 750 KC
File:Winterwonderlandstove.png Winter Wonderland Stove wShop 900 KC

Trading Card

The Winter Wonderland Theme was featured on a couple of Webkinz Trading Cards:

3030-1.png 2954-1.png

"We wanted this theme to be totally cool. To keep this theme believable, we made the pieces of furniture look thick and chunky so they felt just like ice sculptures. The ice looks translucent because that helps to give it a cold, wintry feeling. A particular challenge in creating this theme was the snowy flooring. All the items in the room had to blend perfectly into the floor, so the trick was putting snowdrifts around the bottom of the furniture."

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