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Whimsical Wonderland Theme

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Theme History

The Whimsical Wonderland Theme was introduced in September 2010.

Theme Preview


Theme Furniture

Picture Name Item Type Base Price[1]
File:aceofclubsdivider2.png Ace of Clubs Divider Rare 1150 KC
File:Afternoontealamp.png Afternoon Tea Lamp Ganz eStore Regular 5,000 Points

Deluxe 5,000 Points

File:caterpillarbubbleblower2.png Caterpillar Bubble Blower Ganz eStore Regular 6,000 Points

Deluxe 5,000 Points

File:eatmecaketable2.png Eat Me Cake Table Rare 1560 KC
File:friendlyfaceflower2.png Friendly Face Flower Rare 750 KC
File:madflower2.png Mad Flower Rare 700 KC
File:madhatterchair2.png Mad Hatter Chair Rare 850 KC
File:Madhatterslide.png Mad Hatter Slide Ganz eStore Regular: 5,000
Deluxe: 4,000
File:madhatterteatable2.png Mad Hatter Tea Table Rare 2900 KC
File:magicelixirtable2.png Magic Elixir Table Rare 1560 KC
File:paintedrosebush2.png Painted Rose Bush Rare 740 KC
File:queenofheartsbed2.png Queen of Hearts Bed Rare 3300 KC
File:Unbirthdaycakedispenser.png Unbirthday Cake Dispenser Ganz eStore Regular 7,000 Points

Deluxe 6,000 Points

File:unbirthdaypartychair2.png Unbirthday Party Chair Rare 1920 KC
File:warpedgrandfatherclock.png Warped Grandfather Clock Ganz eStore Regular 5,000 Points

Deluxe 4,000 Points

File:Whimsicalfloorpillow.png Whimsical Floor Pillow Ganz eStore Regular 4,000 Points

Deluxe 3,000 Points

File:Whimsicalwonderlandcrookedwardrobe.png Whimsical Wonderland Crooked Wardrobe Ganz eStore Regular 6,000 Points

Deluxe 6,000 Points

File:whimsicalwonderlandflooring2.png Whimsical Wonderland Flooring Rare 900 KC
File:whimsicalwonderlandwallpaper2.png Whimsical Wonderland Wallpaper Rare 900 KC
  1. Some prices show points instead of KC. The points are the amount real money used at the ganz eStore to purchase these items.

Theme Pet

Picture Name Item Type Base Price
File:Cheshirecat.png Cheshire Cat Ganz eStore Regular: 12,500
Deluxe: 12,500

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