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Weight Lifting Class

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General Description

In Weight Lifting class, your Webkinz is required to do a certain amout of "reps" on the weight machine in a certain period of time. You accomplish this by clicking and holding your mouse button to lift the weights and releasing the button to lower the weights. The two green areas on the machine are the top and bottom points you must hit as you go up and down. These points will move with each attempt, so you must watch the screen carefully. Do NOT allow the weights to drop all of the way to the bottom. [1]

Weight Lifting Screenshot


Level 5

When you complete level 5 with your first pet you will get a new action. The new action for the weight lifting class is "flip". It will appear in your Actions Tab. There is no additional prize when other pets pass this level.

Level 10

As each pet passes level 10 you will receive one Academy Strength Class Gift Box. From it, you may choose ONE of the following prizes:

(The barbell rack is newer than the other prizes and was added in June 2016.)[2]

If seven pets pass level 10, you will have enough boxes for all seven prizes.
Kinzville Academy Prizes cannot be Kinzposted or traded.

From FIA's post - KA prizes. [3]


If you have tips that could help others in this class please add them here!

  • Slowing your computer down seems make this class easier. Some people accomplish this by playing videos in the background. The slower the computer the better chance you have of finishing.
  • Google Chrome seems to be more responsive to my pressing the mouse button. I also slow it down a little bit by running a virus scan on my documents folder. [4]