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Webkinz Recipes

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In Webkinz World there are many recipes that you can make to feed to your pets [1]. These recipes often are more interesting than regular food and are fun to create. In addition, they can have boost benefits that regular foods cannot give a Webkinz pet in their raw form (see Boost Values). Here at WI we have an Interactive Recipes Cookbook. We also have a Forum dedicated to discussing and solving recipes. This forum is called Recipes in Webkinz World. There are many helpful threads in this forum which can help one learn how to cook and also learn how to solve the elusive Unsolved Secret Recipes.

For more information, take a look at History of the Secret Recipes.


When creating recipes there are 5 different types of appliances one can use. Clicking on the picture of the appliance will provide more information on it.


The Appliances from left to right are the Stove, Blender, Sandwich Maker, Mega Stove, and Super Chef Stove.

The Original Recipes

Some recipes were provided to Webkinz members with their ingredients. These recipes are called Original Recipes. Many of these can be found in the cookbooks sold in the W-shop and seen on the television show "The Secret Chef."

Pictures of all original recipes are in the Picture Gallery:

(Picture Gallery) Recipes

The Secret Recipes

The secret recipes are created by Chef Gazpacho. To date over 60 secret recipes have been created.[2] Most of these recipes have been solved (and can be found in Webkinz Insider's Interactive Recipes Cookbook), but a few of them are still unknown.[3] For more information on the secret recipes check out the History of the Secret Recipes page.

Currently there are 2 regular unsolved secret recipes.

  • Note: Regular Unsolved Recipes are known to be made on one of the 3 basic appliances (Stove, Blender, Sandwich Maker).

There are also 20 unsolved Mega Stove recipes.

And there are 13 unsolved Super Chef Stove recipes.

Secret Chef Trophy

On September 30, 2009 a Secret Chef trophy was introduced to WW. It is awarded to the first person to solve a particular WW secret recipe.

Recipe-Solving On WI

WebkinzInsider has a large group of members dedicated to solving the Webkinz Secret Recipes. As mentioned before, there is a forum dedicated to the discussion and solving of the Webkinz Recipes. This forum is called Recipes in Webkinz World.

This forum also has a sub-forum dedicated to the discussion and solving of Mega-Stove Recipes called The Mega Stove.


  1. Pictures of all recipe foods can be found in the picture gallery at
  3. These unknown recipes are more commonly referred to as unsolved.