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Webkinz on Twitter

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What is Twitter?


As most internet users know, Twitter is a free site people and companies can use to share information with other people. Posts made on Twitter, which can be no longer than 140 characters, are know as "tweets". Posting on Twitter is known as "micro-blogging" or "tweeting".

Safety on Twitter

Just like with any other website, internet safety on Twitter can be a concern. At its heart, Twitter is a social-networking site. Twitter has a strict policy against anyone under the age of 13 years old creating a Twitter profile, but it does not block children from viewing the site. To be safe, children should not be permitted to visit Twitter unsupervised.

Reading Tweets


A person who creates his/her own Twitter profile and then signs up to watch another Twitter profile is known as a "follower". Followers can set up their profiles so that the tweets from all of the profiles they are following show up in an App on their internet-enabled mobile devices, or are sent as text messages to their mobile devices. However, it is NOT necessary to sign up for anything to read the tweets on a particular profile. To view a profile's tweets without signing up, just use the internet to go to that profile's webpage.

The tweets from certain Webkinz-related profiles can also be viewed right on Webkinz Insider's front page. Just scroll down and look on the right-hand side of the main page for the recent tweets from @WIdotcom, @webkinz, and @ganzestore.

Webkinz-Related Profiles

Webkinz Insider


The Webkinz Insider Twitter profile is named @WIdotcom and can be found here: WI uses Twitter to communicate Webkinz news with its followers. The titles of the articles posted on Webkinz Insider's front page are automatically tweeted, along with a link back to the original article. WI also uses Twitter to share the latest Curio Shop & PJ's Outlet information. Sometimes Justin, the owner of Webkinz Insider, uses Twitter to respond to individual follower questions.

Webkinz World


Webkinz World has a Twitter profile named @webkinz. It can be found here: Ganz uses @webkinz to share messages about Webkinz World updates with its followers. Sometimes the Creative Director of Webkinz posts teasers for future changes and he has even been known to give away prizes.

Ganz eStore


The Ganz eStore has a Twitter profile named @ganzestore. It can be found here: Ganz uses @ganzestore to let followers know about future eStore items and future eStore sales.

Sending Messages on Twitter


In addition to posting public notices for all of your "followers" to read, there are two ways of sending messages to other Twitter accounts. One is private and the other is public.

To send a private "Direct Message" to another account, first, you and that other account must be "following" each other. Then, go to that person's profile and under "actions" select "message". This message can only be seen by the person you are sending it to. If the person, or company, you want to send a message to isn't one of your followers, you'll have to use the public option.

To send a public message to another account, go to your "home" page and type the message. To make certain the other person sees it, include their name using "@" in the message. For example, to send a public message to Ganz, include @webkinz in your message. To send a public message to Webkinz Insider, include @widotcom in your message. Everyone on the internet will be able to see this message, so be careful what you say.

WIdotcom's Following Policy

Due to extreme amounts of Twitter DM spam that we've started receiving from IQ Quizzes, Justin Bieber Quizzes and other SPAM, we have been forced to rescind our policy of following everyone who follows us.

If you'd like us to follow you, send us a reply on Twitter using @WIdotcom, letting us know that you'd love for us to follow you back, and we'd be glad to!

Moving forward, we will unfollow anyone who uses DM spamming tools. It's an unfortunate drawback to Twitter right now and until Twitter can get these under control, we have no choice but to operate in this manner. You can be sure, though, that anyone who engages us in a conversation will be followed back!