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Webkinz World Glitch Report

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This page is protected because it is an official article.

Welcome to the official Webkinz World Glitch Report, as reported by WIki editors and Webkinz Insider users. The development team at Ganz watches this page in order to find out what problems users are experiencing in Webkinz World.

All bugs are fully-verified by our editors, and listed in 4 categories: Critical, Major, Minor, Trivial.

Glitches that have been fixed have been placed in our Archive Of Webkinz World Glitches article.

If you have discovered a glitch in Webkinz World, please follow how to submit a report: Help:Report A Glitch



Duplicating Virtual Cards

First reported on 09/17/2009

Virtual Trading Cards from Series One and Series Two are showing up with duplicates at a distressing rate, sometimes as many as five duplicate cards in the same pack. The cards are also being incorrectly counted toward the card collection total, or not even counted at all. [1] [2]

Duplicating Cards

Candy Cane Seeds

First reported September 23rd 2009

A day or two after being planted, the Candy Cane Plant turns into a blue cube. Players with these cubes are getting locked out of the yards that contain them. [3]

Candy Cane Glitch

Zumwhere - Bratty Zum Zehe

First reported Sept 30, 2009

When the Bratty Zum, Zehe, is spotted, the Field Guide does not update to show Zehe in the collection. Zehe's spot on the Bratty Zums page only blinks with stars. After logging off and logging back in Zehe still does not appear.[4]

Missing Zehe

New eStore Figures Do Not Unlock Woodland Wonders

First reported November 26th 2009

Despite what the eStore description says, the Center Court Collie and Space Explorer Cocker Spaniel DO NOT count toward unlocking the Woodland Wonders feature.[5]

UPDATE: The glitch has been fixed for new codes being entered, but anyone who entered their codes before the programmers changed things still has an incorrect figure count toward Woodland Wonders.

Power Spinner Pointer Missing in Academy Running Class

First Reported November 16th, 2009

The pointer on the "power spinner" in the Academy's Running class is missing. It is almost impossible to complete on time after level 7 although it is still possible to participate in the the class by viewing the green boxes on the outside of the spinner.[6]


Cell Phones Wiped Clean

First reported April 4, 2010

Some, but not all, members are reporting that their cell phones are repeatedly being wiped clean. Asia, Euro and American accounts have been affected.

Update April 19, 2010:

Although It has been reported that the problem is fixed, this is not true for all affected accounts.

[7] [8]



Wacky Bingoz Cannot be Won

First Reported Summer 2009 or earlier

The Wacky Bingoz game has 20 to 50 winners each and every day in all three games. Although possible, it seems highly improbable that this is happening legitimately, especially when coupled with the scattered reports of members having their cards NOT reset when a winner is announced. Either way, it appears that most members have given up on playing this game at all.[9]

UPDATE (November 17th, 2009): Pictures from one member's account of being able to win over and over again on the same card:

Curio Shop: Incorrect Rare Alerts by Arte

Originally reported 6/26/09

Arte tells level 7 non-deluxe members to come back to the Curio Shop to buy Deluxe-only rares that they will never be able to buy.[10][11]

Arte Confused

Server 12: Curio Shop and Employment Office: Users "Demoted" back to Level 1

Originally reported 10/04/09

Members with accounts on "Server 12" have started back to level 1 with Arte even though they were previously a level 7.Arte also reports negative gems. It is also effecting the Employment Office where they are back to level 1.[12] [13] [14] [15] [16]

Negative Gem Glitch

Fairy Tale Witch Costume Codes

First reported Oct 2009

It appears that many duplicate codes were given out to players finding "diamonds" in the Webkinz Newz contest causing players to get the message that their code was already used. Some players are getting their codes replaced by workers at Ganz, some are not. Ganz has not yet made a statement about this problem instructing their players on what to do do get their dresses.


Modern Television Disappears from wShop

First Reported Oct 30th 2009

Following site maintenance, the Modern Television disappeared from the wShop. At this point, we do not know if this was done on purpose, or of it was a programming mistake.[17]

Cafe Playset Wallpaper

First Reported Jan 2nd 2010

When this wallpaper is placed in a small room, the walls disappear.[18]


Bratty Zum Lamp

First Reported Jan 14th 2010

Once the Bratty Zum Lamp has been placed in a room, it cannot be moved.[19]

Multiplayer Games During Parties Unplayable

First Reported May 30, 2010

Players trying to play multiplayer games during parties are finding out this is an impossible task. When playing the game one of the players is listed as undefined and causes the game to freeze. This glitch does not affect the single player games[20]

Hard Level of Dogbeard's Bathtub Battles Not Awarding KinzCash

First Reported: May 27, 2010

Players playing the hard level of Dogbeard's Bathtub Battles are noticing that once completing the game they are not awarded the KinzCash. Instead an error message appears.

This glitch is not affecting the easy level for this game.

Plumpy's Hairdresser not Awarding KinzCash after Level 8

First Reported: June 2010

The Plumpy's Hairdresser Game in the Arcade stops awarding KinzCash once a player reaches Level 8. In many cases the members who are reaching this point are losing over 300 KinzCash. [21]



First Reported 2007 or earlier

Several levels during the game have glitching objects which slow game play down. Some are avoidable and others make it nearly impossible to finish the game. Specific details on stuck spiders in each level, along with glitched branch are included in the referenced thread and images below. [22]

Bounce N Burst Freezes

First Reported May 22, 2007

Sometimes when a player uses the plunger power-up to hit one of the yellow shelves, the game will freeze so that the game screen cannot be "x"ed out of, nor can a player Log Out of Webkinz World. Therefore, the score and KinzCash are not awarded.[23]

This glitch only occurs sometimes when the plunger power-up is used, and does not occur when one of the orange shelves is hit. The cause may be due in part to the way the plunger occasionally recognizes the shelf as lower on the screen, as seen when the glitch occurred in the image below.

Yellow Googles Dice

First Reported 02/06/2008

For a couple of weeks in February 2008, any player landing on the Ice Cream Bar Fridge space on the Wheel of WOW was awarded a Yellow Googles die instead of the Fridge. Although the die can be traded, nothing else can be done with it.[24]There are widespread reports of scammers in the Clubhouse trying to pass the Dice off as free pets, in-room games, etc.

Yellow Googles Die

Clothes Disappear on Stadium Runway

First Reported July 2008 or earlier

There are a large number of clothing items that are not visible on the Stadium Runway. Members taking great care to dress their pets for competition are disappointed to see pets with no clothes. Most wShop items show up. Most KinzStyle and other special items do not.[25]

Donut and Ossilly Plants

First reported before March 2009

After raking these plants they still appear to have weeds unless you leave and come back into the room.

After harvesting these plants, although the harvested items show up in your dock, the plants appear to need harvesting unless you leave and come back into the room.[26]

2598-1.png 2593-1.png

Webkinz Day Countdown Clock

First reported on 4/30/09

The Webkinz Day Countdown Clock has very unpredictable behavior, counting down to unknown dates, changing all the time.[27]

Webkinz Day Clock error

Kinzstyle Outlet

First Reported on 9/17/09

P.J's comments balloon obscures the offerings in the Kinzstyle Outlet[28]

Wacky's Bullseye Batter

First Reported September 25th, 2009

In Wacky's Bullseye Batter, after the 5th hit, the Zingoz are pitched at impossibly fast speeds. After losing the game, even when started over, the Zingoz continue to come out at impossibly fast speeds after the fifth hit. If a user logs out and logs back in, it may reset the Zingoz to normal speeds after the fifth hit.[29]

"Fun Stuff" Will Not Load

First Reported October 29th, 2009

The "Fun Stuff" section of the Newspaper will not load. Anyone who clicks on that section of the menu just gets a white screen with a "W" that never goes away.[30]


Missing Noses on Halloween Pumpkin

First Reported October 2009

When the pumpkin is placed in a room, nose #7 doesn't show up. And, nose #5 only shows up when the pumpkin is turned one way, not the other.[31]


Lava Dragons Lose Clothes When Seated

First Reported November 15th, 2009

When a clothed Lava Dragon sits down, the clothes disappear. This glitch appears to affect all Lava Dragons on all servers.[32]


Get Eleven Solitaire Won't Work After Playing Woodland Wonders

First Reported November 15th, 2009

If a player hunts for prizes in Woodland Wonders, and then, in the same session, attempts to play Get Eleven Solitaire, the game doesn't work properly. The game will load, but when the player matches up cards that add up to eleven, the cards won't clear off of the board, and the points don't add up. If the player logs off of Webkinz World and the logs back on, the game works perfectly.[33]


Spotted Sea Monsters Now Have Bubbles

First Reported November 23rd 2009

Following site maintenance, all Spotted Sea Monsters started appearing with bubbles when out of the water. According to the pet's description, it is NOT an underwater pet, and it does not come with an underwater room. There has been no word from Ganz on whether this is a mistake or was done on purpose.[34]


Many Features Don't "Load" on First Try

First reported September, 2009

This glitch affects all daily activities and many other features: KinzPost, Zingoz Dunk, Wishing Well, Quick Draw, Quizzy's Blast, etc. When players first attempt to bring up these features, the screen either turns to a blank blue or a dull grey, has missing items, or, for KinzPost, a bunch of flashing "X"s. Exiting out of the feature and going back in usually fixes the problem. [35]


KinzPost Won't "Load" on the First Try

First reported September, 2009

Possibly related to the glitch above. KinzPost doesn't load on the first try. Players must click on KinzPost, click out and go to a different section, then click on KinzPost to finally go in. This even happens when responding to received mail. [36] [37]


Tawny Pup Gift Box

First Reported July 4th, 2012

For a couple weeks in July, any player that landed on the food prize Aminkle Grog on the Wheel of WOW, were awarded a Tawny Pup Gift Box instead.[38] This gift box cannot be opened and players receive the following error message when trying to open it in their room:


The only way to get rid of it is to call Ganz and ask for the gift boxes to be removed from your dock.


Operation Gumball

First reported in 8/09

The "A surprise has been added to your dock!" text currently shows up as a blank space on the screen, though it does not affect awarding of the trophy, so is only a visual issue. In addition, "Time Bonus" is now misspelled "Tume Bonus."[39]

Operation Gumball with a blank space in place of the trophy message

Polar Plunge

The "A surprise has been placed in your dock!" text is now partially hidden. This does not affect the awarding of the trophy or game play in any other way.[40]

Polar Plunge Trophy Text

Wish Factory

Where the "cost" of an item is displayed, the word "Token" has been replaced with "[cost] T".


Signature Timberwolf Won't Sleep

First Reported October 12th 2009

When sleeping, Signature Timberwolfs don't close their eyes.


Silly Skeleton Mask

First Reported Oct 31st 2009

Every pet who puts on the Silly Skeleton Mask loses their ears. It's like the mask is fitting like a hat instead of a mask.


Tile Towers Shows Incorrect Cash Award

First Reported November 18th, 2009

The box showing the cash prize for playing only has space for two digits. When the player earns 100 KC or more, one of the numbers is cut off, showing the incorrect dollar amount. This is a visual glitch only. The correct cash prize IS awarded at the end of the game. [41]


Snowman Costume

First Reported December 17th, 2009

The snowman costume is on "backwards", in that the buttons face the back of the Webkinz.


Kinzpost Note Lists Year as 2009

This is under the holiday greetings section of the Kinzpost notes. This occurs in all accounts and time zones.

Cash Cow

First Reported February 1st, 2010

The "A surprise has been added to your room!" text is now partially hidden. This does not affect the awarding of the trophy or game play in any other way.

Arte no longer says "There are no more rares today"

First reported before Dec 2009

At level 7, when you click on the "Ask about Rare Items" button, if the Rares are over, Arte says nothing.