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Webkinz World Books

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Story Books

Book Title Description
1350-1.png An Air of Mystery Book "Follow Doug the Dog over the mountains beyond Kinzville as he discovers a magical secret!"
1678-1.png Arte and The Lost Tomb Book "If you like adventure, follow Arte and Matilda the monkey as they search for the lost Webkinz tomb!"
1059-1.png Does the Caged Singoz Sing? Storybook "Follow Henrietta Hippo on an adventure to find the legendary Singoz."
1060-1.png The Best Present Storybook "Fluffington is determined to get the best Christmas present ever, no matter what it takes."
1061-1.png The Kinzville Caper Storybook '"Weird things are happening in Kinzville and Webkinz World's greatest detective is called in to solve the case."
1058-1.png The Smarty Pants Storybook "Goober wasn't always such a smarty pants, find out the story of Webkinz World's greatest scientist."
2718-1.png W Tales Book: Charmed, I'm Sure Follow Cowabelle, Roberta, and Arte as they discover the Magical Forest.
2719-1.png W Tales Book: Color Catastrophe Goober's experiment with Rainbow Prisms leads Henrietta to discover a Rainbow Zingoz!
2717-1.png W Tales Book: Dogbeard's Treasure Dogbeard and his sister, Laurabeard, go on an adventure and discover Treasure!
2716-1.png W Tales Book: Inukshuk's Wish "Inukshuk's Christmas takes a magical turn when he receives a special gift."
2714-1.png W Tales Book: Plumpy's Great Advice "Sometimes the best advice can go in the wrong direction. A hilarious story with everyone's favorite advice hippo."
2715-1.png W Tales Book: The New Cat in Town "What is Salley Cat going to do when no one wants to be her friend? Find a whole new world of friendship!"

More W Tales

The following stories ran in the Kinzville Times newspaper. They have never been available in book form.

Book Title Description
Image:Alexthebravecover.png Alex the Brave Alex Tiger is scared to start at a new school, but one special friend helps him to be brave.
Image:Amandapandasjourneyhomecover.png Amanda Panda's Journey Home Amanda Panda wants to return to the Big City more than anything, until a new friend shows her that living in Kinzville can be a lot of fun.
Image:Fredroversbigwincover.png Fred Rover's Big Win As a kid, Fred Rover was a great athlete, but he needed to learn to be a good sport too.
Lettersfromcampcover.png Letters From Camp The 'Kinz head off to St. Bernard Summer Camp.
Molly Pig's Best Friend It's time for the First Annual Kinzville Friendship Day. Will Molly be able to find a "best friend" to go with her?
File:underconstruction.png Molly Pig, Babysitter Molly Pig attempts to babysit her younger sister, Millie.
File:underconstruction.png One Amazing Adventure The Kinz Crew sets off to find a new clubhouse.
Image:Plumpyandthechristmasspirit.png Plumpy and the Christmas Spirit While trying to help raise the spirits of someone in town, Plumpy learns something about her own Christmas Spirit.
Image:Robertasgiftcover.png Roberta's Gift It's Christmas time in Kinzville and all Roberta wants for Christmas is to spend some time with her dad.
Image:Superstarspringbreakcover.png Superstar Spring Break The 'Kinz meet Dacey Bryn, a superstar. But they soon find out Dacey's life isn't as perfect as they thought.
Image:Thedisappearingsculpturecover.png The Disappearing Sculpture Fluffington wants to open a new Art Gallery in Kinzville. What will happen to his fundraising when his main sculpture goes missing?
Image:Thelastadventurecover.png The Last Adventure Arte tells Sparky what happened between him and Doug, so many years ago.
Image:Therecipeforsuccesscover.png The Recipe for Success Chef Gazpacho tries to create the best recipe in Webkinz World and ends up learning that friendship is more important.
Image:Thetootalentedcrewcover.png The Too Talented Crew There won't be any Camp Kinz this year unless the kids at the Academy can raise enough money. But, will they be able to work together and make their show a success?

Note: Since this page was last edited, some new stories have been added to the newspaper: Roberta's Big Makeover, The Busiest Christmas, and Starring Nibbles.

Cook Books

Book Title Description
2571-1.png One with the Sandwich Cook Book " or art? Decide for yourself while you make these ten amazing recipes."
719-1.png Simply Delicious Cookbook "Ten great recipes to make cooking better than ever."
1507-1.png The Art of Sandwichin' Cook Book "Hungry for more sandwich recipes ? This book will show you how to make a ton of tasty snacks for your pet."
2568-1.png The Way of the Blender Cook Book "Be one with your blender and create these ten fantastic recipez."
1508-1.png Totally Blendin' Cook Book "Baffled by the blender? This fantastic book will help you make ten delicious drinks."


Book Title Description
Ancientzumfieldguide.png Ancient Zum Field Guide
(under construction)
The Ancient Zum Field Guide is the prize for finding all of the Bratty Zums in Zumwhere. The content is the same as in the Zums Field Guide.
2421-1.png How to Grow Your Own Food Guidebook "Everything you need to know about using gardening seed packets to grow food in an outdoor room."
1291-1.png The Best of Plumpy Book "Plumpy has put together her best columns in a book that is sure to be a hit with her adoring fans."
File:thecaringvalleyplantershandbook.png The Caring Valley Planter's Handbook "Keep the log of your Caring Valley trees with you when you're relaxing at home."
2049-1.png Webkinz Trading Cards Series 1 Binder
(under construction)
"Collect virtual trading cards with Trading Card Feature Codes into this amazing binder and unlock great prizes."
2886-1.png Webkinz Trading Cards Series 2 Binder
(under construction)
"Collect virtual trading cards with Trading Card Feature Codes into this amazing binder and unlock great prizes."
925-1.png Webkinz World Guide
(under construction)
The Webkinz World Guide is the very first adoption gift all new Webkinz players get.
File:zumsfieldguide.png Zums Field Guide
(under construction)
"All you need to know about Zumwhere, the magical land of Zums."

Activity Books

Book Title Description
1290-1.png Best of Fun Stuff Craft Book "Ten great Webkinz crafts to do at home taken from the popular Fun Stuff Section."
1326-1.png Colorful Characters Coloring Book "Contains 8 famous Webkinz characters that can be colored and printed! Show off your coloring skills to friends!"
1611-1.png How To Draw Webkinz Book "Become a great artist by learning to draw your favorite Webkinz pets."
Webkinz World Books