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Webkinz Video Challenge

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The Webkinz Video Challenge offers members a chance to earn prizes by answering questions about certain music videos at WebkinzNews.

You are allowed to earn one prize per account per day.

Visit the Picture Gallery to see pictures of all Webkinz Newz Prizes.


How to participate

Most of the video challenges are accessed through the WebkinzNewz website and the Fun tab. After clicking the Fun tab, video challenges can be found at both the Pet of the Month and Fun Videos tabs. Only those videos whose icon has a film reel in the lower left hand corner have video challenges associated with them. If you click on these videos, you will be prompted to enter your WW username and password to receive your prize. The prize will be delivered automatically to your WW dock.

Three promotional video challenges have also been offered: the HOP Video Challenge, the Loony Tunes Video Challenges, and the Judy Moody Video Challenge. The HOP Video Challenges and Loony Tunes Video Challenges were originally accessed through ads on Webkinz World (the links to this challenge were disabled on May 25, 2011). To see the Judy Moody Video, players had to visit the Judy Moody room in the Clubhouse beginning on May 25, 2011.

Mirror Mirror Video Challenge

The Mirror Mirror Room was introduced in March 2012. By clicking on the movie screen in the room, players could see the video.

Later Ganz made the video and challenge available through the following link:

For more about this promotion, visit Mirror Mirror Room

Judy Moody Video Challenge

The Judy Moody Clubhouse room was introduced on May 25, 2011. By clicking on the movie screen in the room, players could access this video. For more about this promotion, visit Judy Moody Room.

Looney Tunes Video Challenges

These challenges promoted The Looney Tunes Show (TV series on Cartoon Network) and more information can be found here: Loony Tunes Video Challenges. Three challenges were available, and each could be played once per day per account. The Looney Tunes Video Challenge was disabled on May 25, 2011.

HOP Video Challenge

In March of 2011,Ganz promoted the movie Hop and had an event that if you found the "HOP" ad in WW, you would win one Hopping Bunny Webkinz. In order to win the Hopping Bunny, you had to play the HOP Video Challenge where you would have to watch a video, and answer three questions. After winning the hopping bunny, you can play again once a day and win either a bowl of jelly beans, a pink beret, a plaid shirt or a stuffed chick. This contest was initially primarily available only to members in the United States but in mid March 2011, the ads were made available to Canadians as well. The link remained active for months after the promotion, but it was finally retired in 2012.

Webkinz Newz Video Challenges

It's a Wonderful World Video Challenge

Question 1: What color were the roses on the hill?
Answer : yellow

Question 2: What did the clouds look like?
Answer : caterpillars

Question 3: What kind of pie did the caterpillars eat?
Answer : apple pie

Question 4: What flavor was the caterpillars ice cream?
Answer : strawberry

Question 5 : What did the caterpillars turn into at the end of the video?
Answer: butterflies

The prize for this video challenge is a slice of apple pie. This item is an object that can be placed on the floor or tables in your Webkinz house, and it can not be fed to your pet.


Stay Away From Me Video Challenge

Question 1 : How many members are in the blufadoodles' band?
Answer : 3

Question 2 : At what time of the day was the cat at the park?
Answer : Late at night

Question 3 : Who told the blufadoodle to use her head?
Answer : Her mom

Question 4: What did the cat wear when talking to Blufadoodle on the phone?
Answer : A mask

The prize for this video challenge is a movie slate. It counts down in red numbers. When you click on it, it will snap shut with a sound and the countdown stops.


Iceman Blues Video Challenge

Question 1 : The Lil White Mouse was seated behind this large patron:
Answer : Prehistoric Mammoth

Question 2 : The Walrus played this animals teeth like a xylophone
Answer : Orca Whale

Question 3 : What was the Dire Wolf dressed as?
Answer : Sheep

Question 4: The servers at the caf are
Answer : Penguins

Question 5: The iceman's shoes are
Answer: blue

The prize for this video challenge is a neon saxophone sign. It lights up and plays music when you click on it or enter the room.


Do You Want to Party? Video Challenge

Question 1 : Who was reporting at the Silverback Gorillas concert?
Answer : Fred Rover

Question 2: Who introduced the Silverback Gorilla and his friends to the band?
Answer : Ms. Cowoline

Question 3: The Silverback Gorillas deejay is a
Answer: Goldfish* (*This answer appears to be incorrect according to the video, but is currently the only answer being accepted as correct by the quiz.)

Quiest 4: In band practice, what instrument was the lioness playing?
Answer: the violin

The prize for this video challenge is a Silverback Gorilla Party Poster.


Caramel Soup Video Challenge

Question 1 : What spice do you put into caramel soup?
Answer : Cinnamon

Question 2: What veggie made the Caramel Lion want to cry?
Answer : Onions

Question 3: Which ingredient is used in the making of caramel soup?
Answer: Marshmallows

Question 4: What falls and almost rolls over the Caramel Lion?
Answer: An apple

Question 5: What candy was growing in the trees?
Answer: Jellybeans

The prize for this video challenge is Pyramid Wallpaper.


Fruitland Theme

Question 1 : Water makes up what percentage of a watermelon?
Answer : More than 90%

Question 2: Which fruit has been eaten since prehistoric times?
Answer : Pear

Question 3: Which fruit also makes a great household cleaner?
Answer: Lemon

The prize for this video challenge is Fruity Punch Bowl which is a decorative food object (not food). The name was originally Fruity Punch Pool, but it was never a pool.


Let's Make the World a Better Place Video Challenge

Question 1 : What did the Webkinz do to help the fish?
Answer : They cleaned up the river.

Question 2 : Why were the caterpillars leaving the forest?
Answer : Their trees were being cut down.

Question 3 : Instead of cars, what kind of transportation did the Webkinz choose to use?
Answer : A bike

The prize for this video challenge is the Friends of the Earth Trophy.


Miss Kitty Video Challenge

Question 1:What snack did Miss Kitty and the Silversoft Cat share?
Answer 1: Biscuits and marmalade

Question 2:What made the double-decker bus stop?
Answer 2: A flat tire

Question 3:What were the Silversoft Cat and Miss Kitty doing in front of the guard?
Answer 3:Making faces

The prize for this video challenge is the Bowler Hat.


I Like to Clown Around Video Challenge

Question 1:When the Clownfish auditioned the second time, who did he dress up as?
Answer 1: Santa Claus

Question 2:What kind of animal was judging the auditions?
Answer 2: Orca Whale

Question 3:What did the Clownfish slip on?
Answer 3: A banana peel

The prize for this video challenge is the Auditions Today Banner


It's a Beautiful Day Video Challenge

Question 1:What time does the baby chick's alarm clock go off?
Answer 1: 8 am

Question 2:With whom is the cow eating sandwiches in the field?
Answer 2: The sheep

Question 3:What color is the balloon the baby chick's mother pops to try and wake him up?
Answer 3: Green

The prize for this video challenge is the Farmer's Wife Straw Hat.


Let's Go Fishin' Video Challenge

Question 1: What is the prize for catching the biggest fish?
Answer : A gold trophy

Question 2: What bait does the Penguin use?
Answer :Can of worms

Question 3: What type of fish did the Pelican pose with?
Answer :Pucker Fish

Question 4: For helping his Penguin friend find the biggest fish, what did the Pelican get?
Answer :A kiss

Question 5: What instrument did the Pelican play?
Answer :Harmonica

The prize for this video challenge is the Fishing Derby Trophy.


Scaredy Cat Video Challenge

Question 1: What was the Pom Pom Kitty dressed as?
Answer:A Knight on horseback

Question 2: Where was the Halloween party held?
Answer:On a ship

Question 3: What was the little chick afraid of?
Answer:A spider and a ghost

Question 4: What did the Black Cat hide behind?
Answer:A jack-o'-lantern

Question 5: What was the Black Cat dressed as?
Answer:A witch

The prize for this video challenge is the Purple Floppy Witch Hat.


The Coolest Thing is Everything Video Challenge

Question 1:Who did the Gorilla buy an ice cream cone from?
Answer:Mr. Moo

Question 2: What kind of recipe did the Tiger 'go on back home' for?

Question 3: So...what's the coolest thing about Webkinz?

Question 4: What games did the Pink Googles play at the Tournament Arena?
Answer:Rock, Paper, Scissors and Chef Challenge

Question 5: Who is the last rapper to rap?
Answer:The Walrus

The prize for this video challenge is the Walrus Wall Panel.


My Favorite Time of Year Video Challenge

Question 1: What was the weather like, outside of the Kinzville Academy?

Question2: Who was teaching the Reindeer's class?
Answer:Ms. Cowoline

Question 3: The Reindeer daydreamed that he'd help the Mouse:
Answer:Shovel Snow

Question 4: What sport did the Reindeer daydream about playing?

Question 5: The Reindeer daydreamed that he had a snowball fight with a:

The prize for this video challenge is the Webkinz Hockey Helmet.


A Dog with a Bow in her Hair Video Challenge

Question 1: What drink did the White Terrier and her dog friend share?

Question 2: What color is the bow in the White Terrier's hair?

Question 3: What word was being grilled on the barbecue?

Question 4: The Pig was flying in a hot air balloon shaped like a:

The prize for this video challenge is the White Terrier Album Cover.


The Prettiest Pink Pony in Town Video Challenge

Question 1: Which one of these characters is a judge at the beauty pageant?
Answer: Dogbeard

Question 2: At the pageant, what does the Pink Pony win along with her crown?
Answer: A bouquet of flowers

Question 3: What does the pink pony do during the video?
Answer: Fly in space

The prize for this video challenge is a Pink Pony Sparkly Dress.