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Webkinz Tigers

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Name Image Type
Bengal Tiger HM166.png Current (Regular)
Bengal Tiger HM1101.png Current (Signature, Endangered)
Colorplash Tiger Colorsplashtigeravatar.png Regular
Gold Winged Tiger Goldenwingedtigeravatar.png Virtual
Majestic Tiger HM480.png Current (Regular)
Sabertooth Tiger Sabertoothtigerplushavatar.png Current (Regular)
Sabertooth Tiger HM924.png Current (Virtual)
Sweet Corn Tiger Sweetcorntigeravatar.png Virtual
Sweet Tooth Tiger HM946.png Seasonal (Virtual)
Tiger HM032.png Current (Regular)
Tiger HS032.png Retired (Lil' Kinz)
White Bengal Tiger File:Signaturewhitebengaltigeravatar.png Current (Signature)
White Tiger File:Whitetigeravatar.png Retired (Regular)
Winged Tiger File:Wingedtigeravatar.png Current (Virtual)

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