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Webkinz T-Shirt Designer

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The T-Shirt Designer used to be a program on Webkinz that allowed you to design a Webkinz t-shirt in Webkinz World or at the Ganz eStore. The programs used simple tools that allowed you to resize, rotate, or move pictures that are selected from the list of art. You could also add your own text. If the shirt was approved, it could be purchased and shipped through the Ganz eStore. The t-shirt comes with a code that allows you to unlock 1 of 6 KinzClothes Outfits and a framed version of your shirt to hang on your wall in Webkinz World. The T-Shirt Designer retired on February 29, 2012.


There were two ways to access the T-Shirt Designer.

Ganz eStore

The first way to access the T-Shirt Designer was on the Ganz eStore. Under the "Webkinz Tab," the T-Shirt Designer could be found at the "Webkinz T-Shirts" link.

Webkinz World

The T-Shirt Designer could also be accessed in the KinzStyle Outlet in Webkinz World.

This is the T-Shirt Designer Examples Option. Here, Ganz has provided an example of the T-shirts in each color. They have used a variety of options including text, characters, pets and sizes.

This is the main page of the T-shirt Designer. You can add stamps and Webkinz to your T-shirt, you can add text, and you can change the color of the shirt.

This is the "Dress any pet" Tab. You can dress almost any webkinz. To dress it, you click on it then click the "Continue to add clothing" button to add clothes, or click "I'm finished, add pet to shirt." button to put the pet selected on the shirt with no clothes. They break it up into sections so if your looking for a dog, you can click the dogs tab and look at the dogs. The tabs are, "All", "Dogs", "Other", "Cats", "Farm", "Winter", "Fantastic", "Forest", "Horses", "Jungle", "Birds", "Seasonal" and "Undersea".


This is the "Dress My Pets" Tab. Here, you can choose from pets you own to dress. If you click on saved outfits, you can choose from the categories of "Casual", "Fancy", "Sleepwear", "Sporty" and "Swimwear".