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Webkinz Studio

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The Webkinz Studio is an item available at the WShop which becomes an activity for your pet in its room. In the studio, you can use actors and sets (see below) to make a movie, giving the actors lines and actions.


Accessing the Studio

To access the Webkinz Studio, first purchase it at the WShop. Next, place the studio in your pet's room and click on it. You will be taken to the introductory page which shows option to add actors and sets, make a new movie, continue a saved movie, or watch a completed movie.

Making a Movie



Most actors are available at the WShop, but a few are available at the Ganz eStore only.

Picture Name Description
1750-1.png Ancient Mummy Actor It lives! Raised by an ancient curse, this actor is sure to be a scream in your next movie!
1463-1.png Bad Fairy Actor Fresh from her nasty deeds in Tulip Trouble, this Bad Fairy will add a villainous touch to your show!
File:brattyzumactor.png Bratty Zum Actor Have Zum fun watching this bratty actor in action in your next movie!
1365-1.png Country Cowgirl Actor Yee ha! This is one truly talented actor, y'all. She'll bring her country charm to all your shows!
File:deepseaexplorer.png Deep Sea Explorer Splish-Splash! Add this water-loving creature to your next hit production!
File:dinerwaiter.png Diner Waiter Enjoy a little service with a smile when you add this wonderful waiter to your show!
1751-1.png Froggenstein Actor Put together in a mad scientist's lab, this frog actor is alive, ALIVE, ALIVE!!!!
File:gingercatactor.png Ginger Cat Actor eStore
1462-1.png Good Fairy Actor Straight from starring in Tulip Trouble to starring in your show! The Good Fairy is perfect for a fantastic flick!
File:greengobbleseamonster.png Green Gobble Seamonster Something's lurking in the murky waters! Add this underwater predator to you next box office blow-out!
FIle:groundhogleprechaunactor.png Groundhog Leprechaun Actor eStore
File:lifeguardactor.png Life Guard Actor This lifeguard might only know the doggie paddle, but they'll still make a heroic addition to your show!
1752-1.png Night Witch Actor In the dark of night this wicked actor cakcles her way into your heart.
1367-1.png Plunderin' Pirate Actor If your show is full of daring high seas adventure, this be the actor for ye!
1364-1.png Pop Princess Actor This stylish superstar is sure make your show a blockbuster!
1589-1.png Pretty Pink Princess Actor Add a touch of royalty to your shows with this lovely pink princess.
1460-1.png Robot Actor Programmed to be one of Webkinz World's finest actors, this robot adds an element of sci-fi to any show!
1360-1.png Rock Star Actor Are you ready to rock and roll? This popular actor is the perfect lead for any show!
File:superheroactor.png Super Hero Actor Villains got you down? Add a superhero to your next production!
1461-1.png Valiant Knight Actor Add a dash of chivalry to your shows with this valiant knight actor!
File:vampireactor.png Vampire Actor This vampire may seem mean and scary, but don't worry, they're only acting.
File:villainousburglaractor.png Villainous Burglar Actor Every good plot needs a villain! Add this criminal mastermind to your next show today!
File:werewolfactor.png Werewolf Actor Werewolf? There wolf! This toothy thespian is fright upon first sight!
File:zippyzumactor.png Zippy Zum Actor This Zippy Zum will make quite the action star in your next movie studio production!

Playsets & Backgrounds

Picture Name Description
File:beachbackground.png Beach Background Set your show on this beautiful beach! This set adds a beach background to your studio.
1404-1.png Big City Playset
File:citystreetplayset.png City Street Playset Take to the streets for your next Studio production! This set adds a city street to your studio.
File:darkwoodsplayset.png Dark Woods Playset This spooky background will bring out the star power of your werewolves and vampires!
File:deepseaadventureplayset.png Deep Sea Adventure Playset Go on an unforgettable underwater adventure! This adds a deep sea set to your studio.
FIle:dinerbackground.png Diner Background Have your show serve up some smiles with this dynamic diner! Adds a diner background to your Webkinz Studio.
1373-1.png Final Frontier Playset Send your shows beyond the stars! Adds a moon background and starry sky to your Webkinz Studio.
1784-1.png Haunted House Playset A spooky setting for your next spectacular show! Includes a dark night sky.
1406-1.png Land of Candy Playset Make the world's sweetest show with this tasty playset! Add a candy filled background and a bright sky to your studio.
1405-1.png Medieval Playset Raise a sword with a fantastic castle background and evening sky for your Webkinz Studio.
1408-1.png Outdoors Playset
1371-1.png Pirate Lore Playset Shiver me timbers and batten down the hatches; this playset gives ye a pirate ship background and ocean sky!
File:putofgoldbackground.png Pot of Gold Background
1407-1.png Rocking World Tour Playset A rock n' roll tour makes a totally great show! This set adds a stage background and bright cloud filled sky.
1368-1.png Wild West Playset Hey y'all! Go wild with this playset! This set adds a desert background and sunset sky to your studio.
File:zumwhereplayset.png Zumwhere Playset Go on a magical adventure in the clouds! This adds a Zumwhere set to your studio.