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Webkinz Sheep and Lambs

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Name Image Type
Cauliflower Sheep Cauliflowersheepavatar.png Current (Virtual)
Cloud Sheep HM930.png Current (Virtual)
Cotton Candy Sheep HM919.png Current (Virtual)
Dreamy Sheep File:Dreamysheepavatar.png Seasonal (Regular)
Fleecy Sheep HM8001.png Current (Regular)
Harvest Sheep Current (Virtual)
Lamb HM201.png Seasonal (Regular)
Small Signature Lamb HM2012.png Current (Signature, Small)
Lil' Blue Lamb Lilbuelambavatar.png Seasonal (Virtual)
Lil' Pink Lamb Lilpinklambavatar.png Seasonal (Virtual)
Lil' Purple Lamb Lilpurplelambavatar.png Seasonal (Virtual)
Mint Chocolate Sheep File:Mintchocolatesheepavatar.png Current(Virtual)
Sheep HM227.png Retired (Regular)
Sweet Spring Lamb File:Sweetspringlambavatar.png Current(Virtual)

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