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Webkinz Seasonal Pets

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Name Image Type
Autumn Owl Autumnowlavatar.png eStore
Bat HM367.png Regular
Black Cat HM135.png Regular
Lil' Blue Lamb Lilbuelambavatar.png eStore
Lil' Blue Piglet Lilbluepigletavatar.png eStore
Blue Springtime Chick HM958.png eStore
Clover Cat Clovercatavatar.png Regular
Clover Lion Cloverlionavatar.png eStore
Clover Puppy HM447.png Regular
Cotton Candy Bunny HM174.png Regular
Dire Wolf HM979.png eStore
Dreamy Sheep Dreamysheepavatar.png Regular
Duck HM148.png Regular
Eluvant Eluvantavatar.png Regular
Gobbler Turkey HM426.png Regular
Golden Turkey HM990.png eStore
Green Earth Puppy HM491.png Regular
Lil' Green Piglet Lilgreenpigletavatar.png eStore
Holiday Husky HM991.png eStore
Lamb HM201.png Regular
Love Dino HM917.png eStore
Love Frog HM144.png Regular
Love Lion HM394.png Regular
Love Kitten HM903.png eStore
Love Monkey HM343.png Regular
Love Puffin HM994.png eStore
Love Puppy HM131.png Regular
Love Spaniel HM386.png Regular
Marshmallow Bunny HM392.png Regular
Minty Moose HM475.png Regular
Minty Reindeer HM914.png eStore
Mistletoe Mouse HM944.png eStore
Night Mare HM398.png Regular
Peppermint Puppy HM467.png Regular
Pine Marten Pinemartenavatar.png eStore
Lil' Pink Lamb Lilpinklambavatar.png eStore
Poinsettia Lion Poinsettialionavatar.png eStore
Pumpkin Puppy Pumpkinpuppyavatar.png Regular
Lil' Purple Lamb Lilpurplelambavatar.png eStore
Purple Monster HM909.png eStore
Lil' Purple Piglet Lilpurplepigletavatar.png eStore
Purple Springtime Chick HM956.png eStore
Reindeer HM137.png Plush
Shamrock Dragon HM953.png eStore
Sherbet Bunny HM134.png Retired
Shimmer Bunny HM10502.png Regular
Snowman HM370.png Regular
Spring Celebration Bunny HM927.png eStore
St. Pat's Setter HM476.png Regular
Sweet Tooth Tiger HM946.png Ganz Employee Gift
Sweetheart Monster Sweetheartmonsteravatar.png eStore
Trick or Treat Troll HM942.png eStore
Turkey HM418.png Regular
Vampire Bat Vampirebatavatar.png eStore
Winter Fawn Winterfawnavatar.png Regular
Wintermint Reindeer HM916.png Ganz Employee Gift
Yellow Springtime Chick HM957.png eStore

Pet Collections