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Webkinz Rally

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Webkinz Rally is a Webkinz World Arcade game. It was added to Webkinz World on April 1, 2009. It is currently the only regular Arcade game that can be affected by a pet's status at the Kinzville Academy.



The object is to complete the race, avoiding obstacles such as grass patches, signs, and tire burns. You also must complete the race before you run out of gas (time).


Use the left and right arrow keys to turn. Use the up arrow key to speed up and the down key to slow down. Use the space bar to jump.

  • Left - Move Car Left
  • Right - Move Car Right
  • Down - Brakes / Slow Down
  • Up - Must Hold down this in order to move. If you let go your car will lose speed.
  • Space Bar - Jumps the car

From the game itself. Here are the provided instructions.


  • Grass - Patches of grass line the course, running over them will slow you down. You can jump these.
  • Dirt - Patches of dirt similar to the grass, with slightly less slow down.
  • Signs - These block you path and completely stop you, try to avoid these at all costs. These cannot be jumped over.

Tools / Power-ups

  • Springs - Purple dots will occasionally be found lying on the floor. Run over these to leap high into the air! Clearing many obstacles below.
  • "Wheels of Speed" - Temporary gives you a speed boost. Wears off quickly usually only lasting 1 - 2 seconds.

Kinzville Academy Bonuses

Going to school in Webkinz World has just added another bonus! The higher you are ranked in various different classes will affect your car's performance and even unlock extra car options!

  • Car choices = Fashion
  • Jumping = Strength
  • Speed = Speed
  • Handling = Agility

Car and Driver Selection

Here's what all the car selections look like, they handle better as you go further up and help make the game a bit easier.

File:Webkinz Rally Car Selection.png

Between 4 stars in Jumping and Toby's 3 Stars, 3 of the grass hills could be cleared okay, so it looks like jumping doesn't need much emphasis.

What seems to make the difference is Top Speed. With the higher Top Speed having more Handling would be beneficial, although not much difference was noticed between Toby's 3 star handling and my 6 Star Handling.

So suggested statistics for a pet would be Jumping up to about 3, Speed as high as possible, and Handling maybe to 4 or 5.



The trophy is won by completing the entire race. You can only win this trophy once per account. Upon beating the game again you will receive no trophy.

The trophy CANNOT be Kinzposted or sold!

Here are the screens you will see when beating the game:

If you cross the finish line again, no trophy will be awarded and you will see the following screen:


  • If you are a beginner, Sonny is the best choice.
  • You keep rolling once Timer hits 0, so keep on going if you see the flag!
  • The Silver Coins and Gold Coins are just for points. If you are going for the high score you will want to focus on these. Gold coins are worth 500 points and Silver coins are worth 50 points.
  • Keep on jumping ( hold it ) when your timer runs out, it seems to get you further!
  • If you are using Sonny you can jump over the grass patches in Level 2.
  • Remember to jump! Don't try to weave around a whole lot, with exception to level 3.


Level 1

OK here's the first thing you will encounter. Everything in this level can just be jumped over. You will encounter squares of grass, a line of three grass in a row and a horizontal line with one open space.

You can easily jump over them with no problem.

Level 2

You will need to make sure you are hitting all of the springs ( purple circles on the ground ). You will encounter plus signs, triangles and the horizontal lines ( the ones with one space open ). Just hit the springs, and I try to stay towards the center and make small adjustments and jump over the spaces with just one grass area. Got to make sure you hit the springs.


Plus Sign

Level 3

This is a very difficult level. The best way to topple this level is to weave around the grass patches as much as possible to avoid dragging through them. If you see yourself running into some grass and you cannot weave around, then jump over it and continue weaving through. Another method is when you are going to have to drive into grass, jump continually until yon can continue weaving.

Either that or if you stick to the very far edges you can avoid a lot of the grass. Do remember though if you do this you will be hitting some spots with 2 - 3 patches of grass lined up in a row. This level will take LOTS of practice, but don't stress out too much it will get a little bit easier from here.

Level 4

"The Gully"

You will be shooting down "The Gully" on this level. Lines on continuous, non-breaking grass patches line both the left and right-hand sides. Make sure to get the "Wheels of Speed," this will give your car a temporary boost of speed. There will also be lines of dirt, but these can be jumped over since you should be moving fast enough. But these are really easy to dodge. Occasionally, you will have horizontal lines of dirt you will need to jump over.

Then, towards the end of this level you will see signs pop up and just make sure to weave around them as they cannot be jumped. The game acts like you are turning but it is only moving you a couple pixels the opposite direction you are turning. This means you have to readjust every couple seconds.

Level 5

This level you will encounter a lot of signs randomly thrown about. You will need to weave around them. There are also horizontal lines of dirt. You don't have to worry about jumping these as running over they will slighty slow you down, making it easier to weave around the signs.

Level 6

Dodge the signs here, a patch of grass will line the sides and occasionally create a diagonal line and line the opposite side. Just hit the grass or try to jump it, remember the grass doesn't slow you down as much as hitting a sign.

Diagonal Line

Level 7

"Vrrrm Vrrrm"

You will immediately be greeted by 3 signs on the right side. You will see 2 sets of Right Left Right Left Signs. Then it reduces down to 2 on each side, but you will be picking up Speed Boosts and hit a jump. After that you will be in another gully and have to avoid signs and dirt patches.

Level 8

On this level you will be greeted by a barrage of signs and lots of dirt. This one is similar to level 5 except there is more dirt than level 5. They will be "T" shaped or in big blocks. When these come up, stick to the edges as they tend to only have 1 patch of dirt. You CAN jump over the big patches of dirt as long as you are still at the normal speed.

You will need to take this one just like level 5 just weave around the signs and jump the dirt patches. Once again practice makes perfect on this one. Just keep trying.

Level 9

Lots of dirt all around. You should stay on the clear paths as much as you possibly can, dodging the signs at almost any cost. When you have to make the switch from the inside to outside, drive diagonal so you don't drag as much and slow down. I would NOT recommend jumping as you will more than likely hit a sign. Use the dirt as slow downs for the tricky parts navigating around the signs.

A good tip for this level is jumping while turning when you have to jump over a patch of dirt. When picking a path, pick the path that looks like it has the least amount of barriers on it. If you choose the wrong path and there is a barrier at the end of it, go to the outside of it, jump. After you pass it quick turn back inside and go on. If you choose the correct path and there is no barrier at the end, you turn through the dirt without jumping. Make sure you hit the least amount of dirt as possible.

Level 10

Patches of grass and lots of signs. Eight patches of grass on one side then immediately the same on the other side. Just try to drive through the middle or jump it if you can. It opens up occasionally and you'll encounter lots of signs. Just dodge, dodge, dodge. I found keeping to the sides help a lot. You should be going really fast through this level so at times you can even clear those 8 patches in 1 jump ( or land just short and drag through 1 - 2 of them ). After that you will see the good 'ol Checkered Flag.


High Scoring

According to the the WI High Score Board, the highest score achieved by a WebkinzInsider member in Webkinz Rally is 20,551 by member wildhunt.

More Information

For any questions, suggestions, or more details, head over to the official thread: Webkinz Rally Guide