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Webkinz Pandas

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Name Image Type
Charming Panda File:Charmingpandaavatar.png Regular
Global Panda Globalpandaavatar.png Regular
Lovely Panda File:Lovelypandaavatar.png Virtual
Mystical Panda HM928.png Trading Card Pet
Panda HM111.png Retired (Regular)
Panda HS111.png Retired (Lil' Kinz)
Panda Cub Pandacubavatar.png Virtual
Panda, Signature HM1001.png Current (Signature)
Peppermint Panda Peppermintpandaavatar.png Virtual
Pewter Panda Pewterpandaavatar.png Regular
Pretty Panda HM405.png Retired (Regular)
Red Panda HM406.png Retired (Regular)
Red Panda, Signature Endangered HM3015.png Current (Signature Endangered)

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