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Webkinz Owls

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Name Image Type
Apprentice Owl File:Apprenticeowlavatar.png Virtual Only (Promo Kinz)
Autumn Owl File:Autumnowlavatar.png Virtual Only
Barn Owl File:Signaturebarnowlavatar.png Current (Signature)
Barred Owl HM451.png Retired (Regular)
Gargowl File:Gargowlavatar.png Current (Fan Design Virtual)
Grey Owl HM344.png Current (Regular)
Midnight Owl File:Midnightowlavatar.png Seasonal (Regular)
Opal Owl File:Opalowlavatar.png Current (Regular)
Snowy Owl HM347.png Retired (Regular)
Upbeat Chic Owl Upbeatchicowlavatar.png Current (Virtual)

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