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Webkinz Monkeys and Primates

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Name Image Type
African Chimpanzee Africanchimpanzeeavatar.png Regular
Baker's Squirrel Monkey Bakersquirrelmonkeyavatar.png Regular
Banana Print Monkey Bananaprintmonkeyavatar.png Regular
Berry Cheeky Monkey Berrycheekymonkeyavatar.png Regular
Cheeky Monkey HM080.png Regular (Retired)
Chimpanzee HM172.png Regular
Color Block Monkey Colorblockmonkeyavatar.png Regular
Cotton Top Tamarin HM966.png Virtual Only
Glamorous Gorilla HM477.png Regular
Golden Lion Tamarin Goldenliontamarinavatar.png Regular
Gorilla HM040.png Retired (Regular)
Gorilla HS040.png Retired (Lil' Kinz)
Grey Langur HM226.png Regular
Groovy Gorilla Groovygorillaavatar.png Regular
Knit Sock Monkey Knitsockmonkeyavatar.png Regular
Love Monkey HM343.png Seasonal
Mohawk Monkey HM623.png Retired (Regular)
Monkey HM008.png Retired (Regular)
Monkey HS008.png Retired (Lil' Kinz)
Onyx Monkey Onyxmonkeyavatar.png Regular
Orangutan HM417.png Regular
Ring Tail Lemur HM369.png Regular
Rockerz Monkey Rockerzmonkeyavatar.png Regular (Rockerz)
Signature Chimpanzee HM1002.png Signature
Signature Endangered
Western Lowland Gorilla
HM3003.png Endangered Signature
Sifaka Lemur File:Sifakalemuravatar.png Regular
Silverback Gorilla HM335.png Regular
Small Signature Chimpanzee HM2007.png Small Signature
Sock Monkey HM943.png Virtual Only
Sugar Plum Cheeky Monkey HM497.png Regular

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