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Webkinz Mobile App

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The Webkinz Mobile Pet Care Application was released for the Android platform on August 10, 2013. Later that month, on August 23rd, the iOS version of the application was released. The application allows players to use an their mobile device to log into a limited version of their Webkinz accounts, with additional features available with a WiFi connection. Within the application users are able to feed and dress their pets, as well as play a select set of available games. Players can also spin the mobile Wheel of Wow, with exclusive prizes only for the app.


  • The Android version of the app is located here.
  • The iOS version of the app is located here.


Care is where players can access their Webkinz World docks to feed and dress their pets.


Family takes players to view all of their pets. On this screen, they can change which pet they are currently using.


There are currently 3 games available to be played within the app.

Crafty Canaries

Crafty Canaries can be played by Deluxe Members or can be unlocked by any member for $0.99. It is very similar to the desktop version except that the rows are controlled by dragging across the screen.

Goober's Atomic Adventure

A mobile version of Goober's Atomic Adventure was added to the app on November 2, 2013. The levels on the game are synced with the levels on the user's Webkinz account. eStore points can be purchased in-app from the game, and any points purchased are synced to the user's Webkinz account.

Hoppy Little Rocketship

Hoppy Little Rocketship can be played by any member and is almost identical to the desktop version. The only differences are that the rocket is controlled by dragging back and forth across the screen and that emergency soda boosts are used by tapping the screen.

Mobile Wheel of Wow

Players who log into their Webkinz accounts using the Mobile Pet Care App receive a daily free spin on the Wheel of Wow (Mobile Version). Additional spins can be purchased in sets of 3 for $0.99.

The mobile version of the Wheel of Wow offers players a chance to win exclusive prizes, shown below. Similar to the Wheel of Wow in desktop Webkinz World, the selection of prizes available on the mobile Wheel of Wow is changed and updated by Ganz. As such, only some of the items below are currently available, and other items have been removed from the Wheel of Wow (Mobile Version).

Prizes that have been removed sometimes return to the Mobile Wheel of Wow at a future date. The Mobile Wheel of Wow also includes prizes that are not exclusive to the Wheel and have been made available through other venues in Webkinz World. The prizes that are exclusively available from the app are listed below.

Chocolate Soda
Daisy Slippers
Fizzy Licorice Soda
Green Pet Pack
Honey Comb Tea
Hot Crossed Buns
Hot Sauce
Jar of Pickles
Lemon Poppyseed Muffin
Lollipop Headband
Magic W Sushi
Oodles of Noodles
Pink Aviator Sunglasses
Pink Blazer
Pink Sparkle Tutu
Plaid Zippy Hoody
Rainbow Bubble Vest
Spicy Dumplings
Strawberry Milk
Tennis Sweater
Triple Cheese Pizza
Webkinz Butterfly Wings
Webkinz Stadium Cap
Webkinz Striped Sweater
Webkinz Striped Tights


The shop is a mobile version of the WShop. Users can buy pets, eStore items, and normal WShop items. When purchased, the items are added to the user's dock on desktop

Mobile Zone

In addition to the items available on the desktop WShop, the mobile version has a section of items called the Mobile Zone. The items in the Mobile Zone are available only through the mobile app. The items can be seen in the table below. Also, the Mobile Zone might feature mobile-only discounts on items and pets from the desktop W-Shop.

Image Name Price (Kinzcash)
File:Bigbowdiningchair.png Big Bow Dining Chair 350
File:Christmascabinet.png Christmas Cabinet 400
File:Festivefeastdiningtable.png Festive Feast Dining Table 600
File:Polkadotcouch.png Polka Dot Couch 480
File:Polkadotcounter.png Polka Dot Counter 300
File:Polkadotpants.png Polka Dot Pants 255
File:Polkadotpartydress.png Polka Dot Party Dress 280
File:Spottedbed.png Spotted Bed 525
File:Spottedtoychest.png Spotted Toy Chest 580
File:Spottedwallpaper.png Spotted Wallpaper 120


Menu is where players go to log out of their accounts and to decide whether or not they want tutorials turned on.

Window on the World Giftbox

On November 19, 2014 Today's Announcements notified players that they had received a special gift box from "far, far away."

Players that "dropped" the box into their room, received four non-sendable items in their dock: Packaged Mobile Wallpaper, Large Packaged Mobile Box, Medium Packaged Mobile Box, and a Small Packaged Mobile Box.

Players who then dragged the above items into a room before or after visiting the room via the newly launched room decorator feature in the Mobile App were able to "unpackage" these items. The table below shows the items before and after visiting the Mobile App.

Name Image of Packaged Item Name Image of Unpackaged Item
Packaged Mobile Wallpaper File:Packagedmobilewallpaper.png Window on the World Wallpaper File:Windowontheworldwallpaper.png
Large Packaged Mobile Box File:Largepackagedmobilebox.png Window on the World Trunk File:Windowontheworldtrunk.png
Medium Packaged Mobile Box File:Mediumpackagedmobilebox.png Window on the World Bed File:Windowontheworldbed.png
Small Packaged Mobile Box File:Smallpackagedmobilebox.png Window on the World Lamp File:Windowontheworldlamp.png