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Webkinz Jr General Information

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This is a major work in progress. 

Work is being made to transfer all the information from the Webkinz Jr Infomational Guide Thread. 
Please feel free to contribute any information.

Webkinz Jr is a site similar to regular Webkinz World but geared toward children in the 3- 6 year old age group.  It offers cute games and activites that are educational based to help foster pre-reading and math skills and build your child's computer skills.  It is all verbal based, so children do not need to have any reading skills to play and navigate the site.

As with regular Webkinz World, you first need to purchase a Webkinz Jr. Plush to obtain an activation code to gain access to the Webkinz Jr. site.


Available Plush

First Release: March 2009

File:orangekittypet.png File:brownmonkeypet.png File:purplemonkeypet.png
Orange Kitty Brown Monkey Purple Monkey
File:bluepuppypet.png File:pinkpuppypet.png File:tanpuppypet.png
Blue Puppy Pink Puppy Tan Puppy

Second Release: January 2010

File:tanbearpet.png File:bluebunnypet.png File:pinkbunnypet.png
Tan Bear Blue Bunny Pink Bunny File:frogpet.png File:giraffepet.png
Grey Elephant Frog Giraffe

Third Release: June 2010

File:June2010 Webkinz Jr. Small Bunny.png File:June2010 Webkinz Jr. Small Elephant.png File:June2010 Webkinz Jr. Small Giraffe.png
Small Bunny Small Elephant Small Giraffe
File:June2010 Webkinz Jr. Small Kitten.png File:June2010 Webkinz Jr. Small Mouse.png File:June2010 Webkinz Jr. Small Puppy.png
Small Kitten Small Mouse Small Puppy

The Webkinz Jr pets in the third release are smaller and less expensive than the pets in the first two releases.

Adoption of Webkinz Jr. Pet

When adopting a Webkinz Jr. plush, you will need to create first a parent account.  You click on the Register Icon on the main Webkinz Jr. site page. Once a parent account has been created, then you create your child's account.

Adoption Gift Box For Your Pet

When you first log into your account you should get your pet’s adoption box. The gift box should be in the room the object belongs in. Just click on the box to open it.

You special food will go automatically into the kitchen. It will be on the counter. Right now you only get one of your special food items. Therefore once you eat it - it it is gone and it is not available in the w-shop as of yet.

The special furniture should be displayed in the corresponding room. If not, click on the decorating icon (icon to the left of the house icon) and then click on the object in the room and you should be able load it.

Pet Pet's Special Item Pet's Special Food
Orange Kitty
Purple Monkey
Brown Monkey
Pink Puppy
Blue Puppy
Tan Puppy
Tan Bear
Blue Bunny
Pink Bunny
Grey Elephant
Small Mouse
Small Puppy
Small Elephant
Small Kitten
Small Giraffe
Small Bunny

Places to Go

Your House

  • Playroom

The interactive items within the playroom are the sofa and the toy box. When you click on the sofa your pet can sit and relax on it. The toy box can be used to store your toys.

Additional items can be placed in the playroom but you need to purchase them from the W-Shop

  • Kitchen

The interactive items within the kitchen are the refrigerator, sink and stove. The refrigerator stores food items. It can hold up to 6 foods, which you would purchase from the W-Shop. The artwork picture on the refrigerator can be created in the schoolhouse using the easel activity. When the sink is clicked on, it fills up a glass of water for your pet. You can fill as many glasses of water as you want to fill up your pets happiness, health and hunger meters for free. The stove is similar to the one in Webkinz World. As pictured below, you choose three food items to create a recipe. There is a cookbook to look through as well.

  • Bathroom

The interactive items within the bathroom are the sink, toilet and bathtub. They are pictured below with a description of the different things you can do.

  • Bedroom
  • Front yard
  • Backyard

Kinzpost (Post Office)

In the Post Office, your pet can send a letter to his/her friends. He/She can even send a letter to you (owner)! Sending letters costs 1 coin.

Caring Center


At the W-Shop, you can pick out clothes, furniture, and toys for your pet.

Playhouse (Games Area)

Park (Playground Area)


Rosie's Bakery

Bus (to Fieldtrips)