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Webkinz Host Friends

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The Webkinz characters you can add to your friends list are listed below. Below each characters picture is listed what you'll need to do in Webkinz World in order to get the opportunity to add them to your friends list.

Amanda Panda


Make a Wish of the Day in the Wish Factory

Arte Fact


Look for gems in the Gem Hunt

Cowabelle Cowoline

Cowabelle is the most recent addition of Webkinz Host Friends.
Players were able to add her as a friend beginning in February 2015.

Visit Cowabelle in the Kinzville Park from February 16th to 22nd 2015.

Daisy Doe


Click on the cash register to receive food in Daisy's Diner

Debbie Dragon

Debbie retired in October 2013 when Vacation Island became a deluxe only daily event, and is no longer a host friend.

Buy a ticket (either go to the spa or on vacation) at the Travel Agency

Doug the Dog


Trade gems with Doug in the Clubhouse: Trading Gems

Fred Rover

Fred_Rover.png New-FR-Oddmeister.gif

Check the Webkinz Stadium schedule

Mr. Moo


Buy ice cream in the Kinzville Park with Mr. Moo

Ms. Birdy

Players were able to add her as a friend beginning in December 2014.

Visit Ms. Birdy in the Clubhouse during Christmas Countdown.

Ms. Cowoline

Complete three classes (one full day) in the Kinzville Academy

PJ Collie

Buy any item at the KinzStyle Outlet

Sheldon Turtle

Simply add Sheldon Turtle to your phone as you would add any other friend.

Buy any item at the Souvenir Shack is no longer necessary since Vacation Island went deluxe only in October 2013.

Sophie Stockwell

Click on Sophie in the Event Room in the Clubhouse

Tabby Von Meow

Complete a job at the Employment Office

Two-Player Tournament Games

You can play Checkers, Dogbeard's Bathtub Battles, Link'd and Webkinz Switcheroos two-player tournaments with hosts in any color zone.

KinzPost Messages

Only one piece of mail can be sent to each host per day. It is not guaranteed that you will receive a reply. If you do, it MAY be a special clothing prize or a WShop or Vacation Island item. It might also just be a note back thanking you for your letter and reminding you to visit that host's shop.


Webkinz Members have speculated on what might help players obtain more gifts from the Webkinz Host Friends. [1][2]

  • It is not necessary to send hosts expensive gifts; the hosts will respond to inexpensive letters and inexpensive gifts (of w-shop food for example). It is unknown whether hosts respond better to letters or packages.

Special Prizes

Sometimes a host will send you a gift by KinzPost. If you are lucky, it will be one of these special prizes:

Debbie Dragon was retired as a Webkinz Host Friend, and her special prize is not currently availalbe.

Academy Choir Robe
Ms. Cowoline
Camp Kinz T-Shirt
Arte Fact
Candy Factory Coveralls
Amanda Panda
Diner Waitress Dress
PJ Collie
Lifeguard Jacket
Sheldon Turtle
Purple Adventure Parka
Team Webkinz Track Suit
Fred Rover
Webkinz Cafe Uniform
Tabby Von Meow
Webkinz Spa Robe
Debbie Dragon
Ms. Birdy Pink Plushy
Ms. Birdie

Other Prizes

File:Amandapandaplush.png File:Arteclock.png File:Modeljetplane.png File:Fredroverposter.png
File:Pjcollieplush.png File:Mscowolineplush.png File:Sheldonssurfboard.png File:Tabbyvonmeowhotcupofcoco2.png

In addition to the eight unique clothing prizes, the Hosts also give out a variety of other prizes.

Host Prizes
Amanda Panda Amanda Panda Plush (Christmas Countdown), Colorful Characters Coloring Book (wShop), Dog Paw Print Welcome Mat (wShop), Doll House (wShop), Music Note Wall Charm (wShop), Red Roses (wShop), Spree Bonus Roll[3] (Spree Game), Toy Guitar (wShop), Wonder Scooter (wShop)
Arte Fact Arte's Clock (Trading Cards), Dark Woods Play Set (wShop), Medieval Play Set (wShop), Night Witch Actor (wShop), Pretty Pink Princess Actor (wShop), Valiant Knight Actor (wShop)
Cowabelle Cowoline Arte and the Lost Tomb, Cowabelle Bobblehead Toy, Drop the Beat Stereo, Funky Boy Band Poster, Garden Zangoz, Kinzville Street Sign, Mayor Cowabelle Plushy, Tambourine Chair, Zingoz Switcherooz
Debbie Dragon Character Friend retired -Former Prizes: Beach Sand Castle (wShop), Fish & Chips Dinner (Recipe), Floating Dessert Island (Vacation Food), Floppy Sun Hat (PJ's Outlet), Piggies in a Beach Blanket (Vacation Food), Smocked Sundress (PJ's Outlet), Swim Goggles (PJ's Outlet), Model Jet Plane (Vacation item)
Fred Rover Checkers Game (wShop), Cheerleader Spirit Poster (wShop), Cheerleader Team Drape (wShop), Fred Rover Poster (Trading Cards), Link'D Game (wShop), Scoreboard Clock (wShop), Treadmill (wShop)
PJ Collie Bright Spies Trench Coat (Clothing Machine), Cowboy Hat (PJ's Outlet), European Flair Shades (PJ's Outlet), PJ Collie Plush (Token Balloon Darts), Tie Dye Top (Clothing Machine), Toy Soldier Coat (Clothing Machine), Trendy Sneakers (PJ's Outlet), Wizard's Apprentice Robes (Clothing Machine)
Ms. Birdy Pink Baby Romper (Webkinz Newz/Parents Club), Blue Baby Romper (Webkinz Newz/Parents Club) ,Ms. Birdy Home Sweet Home Cross Stitch (Series 3 Trading Cards), Webkinz Cares Clock (Webkinz Cares), Heart Warming Wall Art (Webkinz Newz), Plush Besties (Looney Tunes), Webkinz Cares Place Setting (Webkinz Cares), Ms. Birdy Pink Plushy (Unique Host Prize), Webkinz Cares Balloon (Webkinz Cares), Ms. Birdy's Tchotcke (Trading Cards Series 3)
Ms. Cowoline Booger's Times Tables (wShop), Classroom Clock (wShop), Collegiate Chair (wShop), Goo Goo Juice Box (Recess), Jumbleberry Juice Box (Recess), Kinzville Academy Plaque (wShop), Ms. Cowoline Plush (Recess), Student Desk (wShop)
Sheldon Turtle Beach Background (wShop), Fishing Hat (Souvenir Shack), Flip Flops (Souvenir Shack), Iced Tea (wShop), Lifeguard Actor (wShop), Pink Lemonade (wShop), Sheldon's Surfboard (Trading Cards), Sunshine Shirt (Souvenir Shack), Umbrella Hat(Souvenir Shack)
Tabby Von Meow Cinema Ribbon Divider (wShop), Diner Clock (wShop), Diner Window (wShop), Film Strip Rug (wShop), Hot Cup of Coco (Trading Cards), Ruby Red Wall Sconces (wShop), Store Bread Display (wShop), Today's Menu Chalkboard (wShop), Top Shelf Store Ladder (wShop)
  3. Due to a glitch that does not allow players to actually use the rolls, Ganz has quit awarding this prize.