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Webkinz Horses

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Name Image Type
Black Friesian HM145.png Retired (Regular)
Brown Arabian HM101.png Current (Regular)
Carousel Horse HM949.png Current (Virtual)
Celestial Unicorn File:Celestialunicornavatar.png Current (Virtual)
Clydesdale HM139.png Current (Regular)
Clydesdale HS139.png Current (Lil'Kinz)
Golden Pegasus HM401.png Current (Regular)
Grey Arabian HM098.png Current (Regular)
Gypsy Vanner Current (Virtual)
Horse HM103.png Retired (Regular)
Horse HS103.png Current (Lil'Kinz)
Mystic Pony HM485.png Current (Regular)
Night Mare HM398.png Seasonal (Regular)
Peace Unicorn HM493.png Current (Regular)
Pegasus HM068.png Retired (Regular)
Pink Pony HM117.png Current (Regular)
Pinto HM147.png Current (Regular)
Rainbow Pegasus File:Rainbowpegasusavatar.png Current (Regular)
Red Peppermint Unicorn File:Redpeppermintunicornavatar.png Seasonal (Virtual)
Ribbon Unicorn HM461.png Current (Regular)
Rockerz Horse File:Rockerzhorseavatar.png Current (Rockerz)
Sapphire Pegasus Sapphirepegasusavatar.png Current (Regular)
Sparkling Pegasus HM952.png Contest (Virtual)
Starry Stallion Starrystallionavatar.png Promo (Virtual)
Tie Dyed Pony Tiedyedponyavatar.png Current (Regular)
Unicorn HM069.png Retired (Regular)
Unicorn HS069.png Retired (Lil'Kinz)
Virgo Horse Virgohorseavatar.png Current (Virtual)
White Peppermint Unicorn File:Whitepeppermintunicornavatar.png Seasonal (Virtual)

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