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Webkinz Guide

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Book Info


The Webkinz World Guide is one of the first items to appear in your dock when you get a new account. It can be placed on a table or in a case but cannot be sold or sent by KinzPost. The Guide can also be accessed through your "Things to Do" Menu.

Book Pages


  • Navigation (Talks about what you can find on the "Things to Do" Menu)
  • Finding Information
 *Help Files
 *Instruction Buttons
 *'Contact Us' 
 *Store Locator (in the Guide as 'Where to Find Products')
  • Your Pet
 *The Kinzville Academy
 *Logging Out
  • Inside Your Room
 *Dressing Your Pet
 *The Actions Panel
 *Decorating Your Room
 *Expanding Your House
 *Interactive Objects
 *Inviting and Talking to Your Friends
  • Making Friends
 *The Clubhouse
  • Playing Games
 *Games in Your Room
 *The Arcade 
 *The Tournament Arena
 *The Webkinz Stadium
 *Trading Card Game
  • Earning Kinzcash
 *Today's Activities
 *Daily Kinzcare
 *Employment Office
 *Adoption Center
  • Getting Stuff
 *The Wshop
 *The Curio Shop
 *Code Shop
 *Magical Charm Forest
 *Wish Factory
  • Your Account
 *Your Password and Secret Code
 *Account Expiring and Renewal
 *Adoption Bonuses
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