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Webkinz Foundation Theme

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Theme History

The Webkinz Foundation Theme is made up of Webkinz Cares and Caring Valley prizes.

The Webkinz Cares feature was introduced to Webkinz World in May 2008.

The Caring Valley feature was introduced to Webkinz World in April 2009.

Some of the items in this theme can only go inside, some can only go outside.

Theme Furniture

Picture Name Item Type
Caringandsharingtelevision.png Caring and Sharing Television Caring Valley Prize
Caringsightswindow.png Caring Sights Window Caring Valley Prize
Caringvalleycandle.png Caring Valley Candle Caring Valley Prize
Caringvalleyposter.png Caring Valley Poster Caring Valley Prize
Funtocarearmoire.png Fun to Care Armoire Caring Valley Prize
Lovelycaringbouquet.png Lovely Caring Bouquet Caring Valley Prize
Webkinzcaresballoon.png Webkinz Cares Balloon Webkinz Cares Prize
Webkinzcaresclock.png Webkinz Cares Clock Webkinz Cares Prize
Webkinzcaresgardenstatue.png Webkinz Cares Garden Statue Webkinz Cares Prize
Webkinzcarespainting.png Webkinz Cares Painting Webkinz Cares Prize
Webkinzcaressofa.png Webkinz Cares Sofa Webkinz Cares Prize
Webkinzfoundationplushbear.png Webkinz Foundation Plush Bear Webkinz Cares Prize
Webkinzcaresdiningchair.png Webkinz Cares Dining Chair Webkinz Cares Prize
Webkinzcaresdiningtable.png Webkinz Cares Dining Table Webkinz Cares Prize
Webkinzcaresplacesetting.png Webkinz Cares Place Setting Webkinz Cares Prize

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