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Webkinz Fish and Underwater Pets

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Name Image Type
Betta Fish HM981.png Virtual Only
Blossom Fish HM913.png Virtual Only
Blossom Sea Turtle File:Blossomseaturtleavatar.png Regular
Blue Tang File:Bluetangavatar.png‎ Virtual Only
Blue Trigger Fish HS526.png Lil' Kinz
Blue Whale HM356.png Regular
Bottlenose Dolphin HM220.png Regular
Chillin' Sea Lion HM970.png Virtual Only
Clown Fish HM219.png Regular
Fantail Goldfish HM218.png Retired
Green Seadragon HM912.png Virtual Only
Licorice Fish File:Licoricefishavatar.png Virtual Only (CandyKinz)
Lionfish HM877.png Regular
Manatee HM229.png Retired
Narwhal HM992.png Virtual Only
Orca Whale HM221.png Regular
Pink Glitter Fish HS525.png Lil' Kinz
Pisces Fish HM996.png Virtual Only (Zodiac)
Polka Back Fish HS524.png Lil' Kinz
Pucker Fish HM438.png Regular
Purple Goldfish HS512.png Lil' Kinz
Sea Horse HS507.png Lil' Kinz
Small Signature Sea Turtle HM2008.png Small Signature
Seafoam Sparkle Dolphin Seafoamsparkledolphinavatar.png eStore
Seaspray Dolphin HM971.png Virtual Only
Shark HM382.png Regular
Splash Dragon HM8500.png Retired (Regular)
Swordfish HM9001.png Virtual Only
Tomato Clown Fish HM651.png Lil' Kinz
Walrus HM776.png Regular

Pet Collections