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Webkinz Elephants

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Name Image Type
Asian Elephant HM3000.png Endangered
Batik Elephant HM458.png Regular
Big Top Elephant HM9021.png eStore
Elephant HM007.png Regular
Elephant HS007.png Lil'Kinz
Eluvant File:Eluvantavatar.png Webkinz
Enchanted Elephant File:Enchantedelephantavatar.png Regular
Gingerbread Elephant File:Gingerbreadelephantavatar.png eStore
Royal Elephant Royalelephantavatar.png Virtual
Sock Elephant File:Sockelephantavatar.png‎ eStore
Sweet Elephant File:Sweetelephantavatar.png Regular
Ten Ton Elephant File:Tentonelephantavatar.png Promo Kinz
Velvety Elephant HM167.png Regular

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