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Webkinz Dragons

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Name Image Type
Chinese Dragon File:Chinesedragonavatar.png Current (Regular)
Citrus Dragon HM436.png Current (Regular)
Decade Dragon File:Decadedragonavatar.png Promo Kinz (Virtual)[1]
Earth Dragon File:Earthdragonavatar.png Current (Virtual)
Emerald Dragon Emeralddragonavatar.png Virtual
Emperor Dragon HM178.png Retired (Regular)
Friendly Dragon File:Friendlydragonavatar.png Promo Kinz (Virtual)
Glitzy Dragon File:Glitzydragonavatar.png Retired (Regular)
Golden Deluxe Dragon HM9012.png Promo Kinz (Virtual)
Green Seadragon HM912.png Current (Virtual)
Harmony Dragon File:Harmonydragonavatar.png Current (Virtual)
Holiday Helper Dragon Holidayhelperdragonavatar.png Virtual
Ice Dragon HM396.png Retired (Regular)
Lava Dragon HM463.png Retired Seasonal (Regular)
Luck Dragon HM965.png Will Not Be Released
Moon Dragon Moondragonavatar.png Virtual
Shamrock Dragon HM953.png Seasonal (Virtual)
Splash Dragon HM8500.png Retired (Regular)
Sleepy Woodland Dragon File:Sleepywoodlanddragonavatar.png Promo Kinz (Virtual)
Stormy Dragon File:Stormydragonavatar.png Current (Regular)
Twilight Dragon HM489.png Retired (Regular)
Whimsy Dragon HM156.png Current (Regular)
Zen Dragon File:Zendragonavatar.png Current (Virtual)
  1. The Decade Dragon was given away free on Webkinz Day 2015.

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