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Webkinz Dogs

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File:underconstruction.png This page is currently under construction. Information on this page may not be completely finished or accurate.
Please feel free to contribute to this page.
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Name Image Type
Afghan Hound HM955.png eStore
African Wild Dog File:Signatureafricanwilddogavatar.png Signature
Airborne Puppy Airbornepuppyavatar.png eStore
Airedale Terrier File:Airedaleterrieravatar.png Regular
American Cocker Spaniel HM202.png Retired (Regular)
American Golden HM371.png Retired (Regular)
Amethyst Hound HM939.png eStore
Aquamarine Puppy HM940.png eStore
Aquarius Retriever HM988.png eStore
Australian Shepherd HM1026.png Signature
Basset Hound HM013.png Retired (Regular)
Basset Hound HS013.png Lil' Kinz
Beagle HM141.png Retired (Regular)
Bedtime Puppy Bedtimepuppyavatar.png eStore
Bernese Mountain Dog Signaturebernesemountaindogpet.png Signature
Bichon Frise Bichonfriseavatar.png Regular
Black and White Cheeky Dog HM192.png Retired (Regular)
Black and White Cheeky Dog Lil' Kinz
Black Lab HM136.png Retired (Regular)
Black Lab File:LilkinzBlab.png Lil' Kinz (Retired)
Black Lab HM2011.png Signature (Small)
Black Poodle HM191.png Regular
Black Poodle HS191.png Lil' Kinz
Blonde Cockapoo Blondecockapooavatar.png Regular
Blueberry Cheeky Dog HM443.png Retired (Regular)
Border Collie HM413.png Retired (Regular)
Border Terrier Signatureborderterrieravatar.png Signature
Boston Terrier HM173.png Regular
Boxer Boxeravatar.png Regular
Brown Boston Terrier File:Brownbostonterrieravatar.png Regular
Brown Dog HM195.png Regular
Bulldog HM126.png Regular
Bulldog HS126.png Lil' Kinz
Bulldog Puppy Bulldogpuppyavatar.png Regular
Bull Terrier File:Bullterrieravatar.png Regular
Bull Terrier Signaturebullterrieravatar.png Signature
Butterscotch Retriever File:Butterscotchretrieveravatar.png Regular
Candy Pup File:Candypupavatar.png Regular
Cheeky Dog HM063.png Retired (Regular)
Cherry Soda Pup HM414.png Retired (Regular)
Chi Chi Chihuahua HM484.png Retired (Regular)
Chihuahua HM104.png Regular
Chihuahua HS104.png Lil' Kinz
Choco Cheeky Dog Chococheekydogavatar.png Regular
Chocolate Lab HM138.png Retired (Regular)
Chocolate Pup Chocolatepupavatar.png Regular
Chow Chow File:Chowchowavatar.png Regular
Cinnamon Dachshund HM421.png Retired (Regular)
Cocker Spaniel HM011.png Regular
Cocker Spaniel HS011.png Lil' Kinz
Cocker Spaniel HM1003.png Signature
Cocoa Lab Cocoalabavatar.png Regular
Collie HM149.png Retired (Regular)
Cotton Candy Puppy File:Cottoncandypuppyavatar.png Regular
Cream Soda Pup HM470.png Regular
Cupcake Pup File:Cupcakepuppyavatar.png Regular
Dachshund HM345.png Regular
Dalmatian HM123.png Retired (Regular)
Dalmatian HS123.png Lil' Kinz (Retired)
Dazzle Dachshund HM473.png Regular
Diamond Doggie HM941.png eStore
Emerald Lab HM923.png eStore
Fiesta Chihuahua Fiestachihuahuaavatar.png eStore
Garnet Rover HM938.png eStore
German Shepherd HM146.png Retired (Regular)
German Shepherd HM1009.png Signature
German Shepherd Smallsiggermanshepherdimage.png Signature (Small)
German Shorthaired Pointer File:Signaturegermanshorthairedpointeravatar.png Signature
Gingerbread Puppy Gingerbreadpuppyavatar.png eStore
Golden Retriever HM010.png Regular
Golden Retriever HS010.png Lil' Kinz
Golden Retriever HM1006.png Signature
Golden Retriever HM2004.png Signature (Small)
Green Earth Puppy HM491.png Regular
Harmony Puppy Harmonypuppyavatar.png Retired (Regular)
Holiday Husky HM991.png eStore
Hound Dog HM400.png Retired (Regular)
Husky HM120.png Retired (Regular)
Husky HS120.png Lil' Kinz
Irish Setter HM177.png Retired (Regular)
Jack Russel Terrier HM168.png Regular
Jelly Bean Puppy HM474.png Regular
King Charles Spaniel Signaturekingcharlesspaniel.png Signature
King Charles Spaniel HM482.png Regular
Labradoodle HM1021.png Signature
Labradoodle File:Labradoodleavatar.png Regular
Leonberger HM989.png eStore
Love Puppy HM131.png Retired (Regular)
Love Spaniel HM386.png Seasonal (Regular)
Magical Retriever HM999.png Virtual Only
Miniature Dachshund File:Signatureminidachshundavatar.png Signature
Misty Puppy HM430.png Retired (Regular)
Mocha Pup HM720.png Regular
Mohawk Puppy File:Mohawkpuppyavatar.png Regular
Musical Dalmatian Musicaldalmatianavatar.png Regular
Mutt HM888.png Virtual Only
Old English Sheepdog HM377.png Retired (Regular)
Opal Pup HM935.png Virtual Only
Papillon Dog File:Papillondogavatar.png Retired (Regular)
Patchy Puppy File:Patchypuppyavatar.png Regular (Limited)
Peace 'n Love Puppy File:Peacenlovepuppyavatar.png Regular
Peace Puppy HM440.png Regular
Pearl Pup HM931.png eStore
Peppermint Puppy HM467.png Retired (Regular)
Peridot Dog HM933.png eStore
Petal Puppy HM499.png Regular
Pink and White Dog HM228.png Retired (Regular)
Pink Dalmation Pinkdalmatianavatar.png Regular
Pink Greyhound HM984.png eStore
Pink Poodle HM107.png Regular
Pink Poodle HS107.png Lil' Kinz
Pink Punch Cheeky Dog File:Pinkpunchcheekydogavatar.png Regular
Pizzazzy Puppy Pizzazzypuppyavatar.png Regular
Polka Dot Dalmatian File:Polkadotdalmatianavatar.png eStore
Pomeranian HM1015.png Signature
Poodle HM014.png Regular
Poodle HS014.png Lil' Kinz
Poofy Poodle File:Poofypoodleavatar.png Regular
Portuguese Water Dog HM742.png Retired (Regular)
Portuguese Water Dog HM1023.png Signature
Pug HM105.png Retired (Regular)
Pug HS105.png Lil' Kinz
Pug Smallsignaturepugpet.png Signature (Small)
Pumpkin Puppy Pumpkinpuppyavatar.png Seasonal (Regular)
Razzle Dazzle Dog HM618.png Regular
Rockerz Bulldog Rockerzbulldogavatar.png (Rockerz)
Rockerz Papillon Dog Rockerzpapillondogavatar.png (Rockerz)
Rockerz Poodle Rockerzpoodleavatar.png (Rockerz)
Rockerz Puppy Rockerzpuppyavatar.png Regular (Rockerz)
Rottweiler HM183.png Retired (Regular)
Ruby Retriever HM932.png eStore
Samoyed HM176.png Retired (Regular)
Sapphire Spaniel HM934.png eStore
Schnauzer HM159.png Regular
Scottish Terrier HM448.png Retired (Regular)
Shar Pei HM801.png Retired (Regular)
Shih Tzu HM140.png Retired (Regular)
Short-Haired Yorkie HM1030.png Signature
Siberian Husky File:Siberianhuskysignatureavatar.png Signature
Snowflake Pup File:Snowflakepupavatar.png Seasonal (Regular)
Sour Watermelon Hound HM9015.png eStore
Spooky Pup Spookypupavatar.png Retired (Regular)
Spotted Spaniel File:spottedspanielavatar.png Regular
Springer Spaniel HM170.png Retired (Regular)
St. Bernard HM012.png Retired (Regular)
St. Bernard HS012.png Lil' Kinz
St. Pat's Setter HM476.png Seasonal (Regular)
Sweetheart Pup File:Sweetheartpupavatar.png Regular
Tartan Terrier Tartanterrieravatar.png eStore
Tawny Puppy HM775.png Retired (Regular)
Texting Puppy Textingpuppyavatar.png Regular
Tie Dyed Puppy HM385.png Retired (Regular)
Tigerlily Pup Tigerlilypupavatar.png eStore
Tinkerpup HM907.png eStore
Topaz Terrier HM936.png eStore
Tropical Island Pup File:Tropicalislandpupavatar.png Regular
Weimaraner HM454.png Retired (Regular)
Welsh Corgi Welshcorgieavatar.png Regular
West Highland Terrier Signaturewesthighlandterrieravatar.png Signature
White Terrier HM106.png Regular
White Terrier HS106.png Lil' Kinz
Yellow Lab HM153.png Retired (Regular)
Yellow Labrador Retriever Signatureyellowlabradorretrieveravatar.png Signature
Yorkie HM070.png Regular
Yorkie HS070.png Lil' Kinz
Zircon Puppy HM937.png eStore
Zombie Bloodhound Zombiebloodhoundavatar.png eStore
Zombie Pup File:Zombie-Pup-Avatar.jpg Regular

Pet Collections