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Webkinz Day 2013 Challenge

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The Webkinz Day 2013 Challenge is a seasonal challenge that was available from April 29th, 2013 to May 31st, 2013.


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

  • Buy any item from the wShop.
  • Spin the Wheel of Wow in the Arcade two times.
  • Make the stovetop recipe, Webkinz Jambalaya.

Part 4[1]


Part 1

50 KinzCash, Webkinz Roll Cake

ChallengeKinzCash.png File:Webkinzrollcake.png

Part 2

100 KinzCash, Webkinz Visor Hat

ChallengeKinzCash.png File:Webkinzvisorhat.png

Part 3

100 KinzCash, Webkinz Gown

ChallengeKinzCash.png File:Webkinzgown.png

Part 4

100 KinzCash, Webkinz Blazer, Webkinz Trousers

ChallengeKinzCash.png File:Webkinzblazer.pngFile:Webkinztrousers.png


  1. Part 4 was only available to Deluxe Members.