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Webkinz Day

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Webkinz Day is a holiday that celebrates the launch of Webkinz World on April 29th, 2005. On April 29th, 2015, Webkinz celebrated their 10th anniversary with special events and prizes.


Gift Bags


Each year on April 29th, players logging on to Webkinz World receive a special Holiday Gift Bag. These Gift Bags typically include a Trophy, a special Birthday Cake, and a Print to hang on a wall. Some years have even included Wish Tokens. Because they are marked with the anniversary date, the Trophy, the Cake, and the Print are the only Gift Bag items in Webkinz World that are guaranteed not to be repeated from year to year.

> Click HERE to see pictures of all of the Webkinz Day Gift Bags and their items.

2015 10th Anniversary Gifts

File: Year1webkinzdaytimecapsule.pngFile:Decadedragonavatar.pngFile:Webkinzdayyear10divider.png

Players who logged into their Webkinz account on April 29th, 2015 received a free Decade Dragon. The pet did not renew accounts, but was otherwise similar to adopting a regular pet. The pet code was awarded after players watched a video through the Map of Kinzville Theater.

Like all years, players received a Webkinz Day Year 10 Cake, Webkinz Day Year 10 Group Print, Webkinz Day Year 10 Trophy, and Wish Factory Coin. Additional gifts (for a total of "10") included these items: Mysterious Milk Bottle Note, Webkinz Day Year 10 Divider, Webkinz Day Year 10 Wardrobe, Webkinz Day Year 10 Trampoline, Webkinz Day Year 10 Jacket, and the Webkinz Day Year 10 Poster.

Over the course of 10 days (April 29 - May 8), players received time capsules, each containing a different items that reflected particular yearly events in the history of Webkinz. During those 10 days, the Webkinz Year 10 Theme room items were available in the W Shop. All day on April 29th and at selected times over the next 9 days, players could spin the Wheel of Yum to win any of the older Webkinz Day Cakes.

Webkinz Day Cards

Ganz sends every account in Webkinz World a special Webkinz Day Card by KinzPost. These messages all arrive on Webkinz Day. >> Click HERE to view Webkinz Cards from previous years.

Ganz eStore Items

→ Webkinz Day eStore Items


File:Webkinz Day 2014 Click-to-Win.png
In 2014, Ganz ran a Click-to-Win to promote Webkinz Day Year 9. Users who clicked a floating Magic W from April 20-29, 2014, received one Webkinz-themed prize per day.

Webkinz Newz Event


In 2011, Ganz held a Webkinz Newz event to win the Webkinz Day Party Hat. In April, 2014, the Webkinz Day Party Hat was again a prize on Webkinz Newz in a one day event.

Webkinz Day Countdown Exclusive


In March 2009, Ganz introduced the Webkinz Day Countdown as an Exclusive item in Webkinz World. The Countdown is supposed to show how many days are remaining until Webkinz Day on April 29th, with balloons appearing one-by-one on the sides in the final week before Webkinz Day.[1]

Webkinz ExtravaGANZa

In 2008 and 2009, Ganz extended the celebration of Webkinz Day from just one day to several days and named the event the "Webkinz ExtravaGANZa". There was also events in malls with games such as, The Wheel of Wow and The Jellybean Challenge. Also there were discounts on Webkinz.

>> Click HERE to learn more about the Webkinz ExtravaGANZa.

Clubhouse Event

In 2010, Ganz held a Clubhouse Event where members searched for Goober between April 23rd and April 29th to receive rockets. There were 10 rockets in all to collect.

>> Click HERE to view more information on the Goobatomic Rocket Event.



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