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Webkinz Cows

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Name Image Type
Brown Cow HM197.png Retired (Regular)
Camo Cow Camocowavatar2.png Current (Virtual)
Cow HM003.png Current (Regular)
Cow HS003.png Current (Lil' Kinz)
Cow HM1013.png Current (Signature)
Fiesta Bull Fiestabullavatar.png Current (Virtual)
Holstein Cow Holsteincowavatar.png Current (Regular)
Lil Green Spring Calf File:Lilgreencalfavatar.png Current (Virtual)
Lil Purple Spring Calf File:Lilpurplecalfavatar.png Current (Virtual)
Lil Yellow Spring Calf File:Lilyellowcalfavatar.png Current (Virtual)
Mint Chocolate Cow HM998.png Current (Virtual, CandyKinz)
Normandie Cow Signaturenormandecowavatar.png Current (Signature)
Patchwork Cow Patchworkcowavatar.png Current (Virtual)
Peace Love Moosic Cow Rockerzcowavatar.png Current (Virtual, Rockerz)
Polka Dot Cow Polkadotcowavatar.png Current (Virtual)
Rosy Satin Cow File:Rosy-Sating-Cow-Avatar.jpg Current (Virtual)
Strawberry Cow HM500.png Current (Regular)
Taurus Bull HM961.png Current (Virtual)

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