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Webkinz Cats

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Name Image Type
Alley Cat HM042.png Current (Regular)
Alley Cat HS042.png Current (Lil' Kinz)
Bengal Cat File:Bengalcatsignatureavatar.png Current (Signature)
Black & White Cat HM016.png Current (Regular)
Black & White Cat HS016.png Current (Lil' Kinz)
Black Cat HM135.png Seasonal (Regular)
Brilliant Tuxedo Kitty File:Brillianttuxedokittyavatar.png Current (Virtual)
Bubblegum Cheeky Cat HM803.png Retired (Regular)
Calico Cat HM488.png Current (Regular)
Calico Cat HM1005.png Current (Signature)
Candy Leopard HM926.png Current (Virtual)
Charcoal Cat HM152.png Current (Regular)
Cheeky Cat HM064.png Retired (Regular)
Cheshire Cat HM954.png Current (Virtual)
Clover Cat File:Clovercatavatar.png Seasonal (Regular)
Colorblock Kitty File:Colorblockkittyavatar.png Regular
Domino Cat HM334.png Current (Regular)
Ginger Cat HM431.png Retired (Regular)
Gold & White Cat HM017.png Retired (Regular)
Gold & White Cat HS017.png Current (Lil' Kinz)
Grey & White Cat HM015.png Retired (Regular)
Grey & White Cat HS015.png Current (Lil' Kinz)
Grey Tabby Cat HM2005.png Current (Signature, Small)
Grumpy Cat File:Grumpycatavatar.png Regular
Himalayan Cat HM165.png Current (Regular)
Love Kitten HM903.png Seasonal (Virtual)
Lovely Love Kitten File:Lovelylovekittenavatar.png Regular
Marble Cat File:Signaturemarblecatavatar.png Current (Signature)
Neon Pallas Cat File:Neonpallascatavatar.png Current (Virtual)
Ocelot, Signature File:Signatureocelotavatar.png Signature
Orange Tabby Cat File:Orangetabbysignatureavatar.png Current (Signature)
Patchwork Leopard File:Patchworkleopardavatar.png Current (Virtual)
Persian Cat HM110.png Current (Regular)
Persian Cat HS110.png Current (Lil' Kinz)
Pink & White Cat HM189.png Current (Regular)
Polka Dot Bob Cat File:Polkadotbobcatavatar.png Current (Estore)
Pom Pom Kitty HM444.png Current (Regular)
Pretty Kitty File:Prettykittyavatar.png Current (Regular)
Punk Princess Cat File:Punkprincesscatavatar.png Current (Rockerz)
Purple Panther File:Purplepantheravatar.png Current (Virtual)
Ragdoll Cat File:Signatureragdollcatavatar.png Current (Signature)
Scottish Fold Cat File:Scottishfoldcatavatar.png Promo Kinz
Siamese HM160.png Current (Regular)
Siamese Cat File:Signaturesiamesecatavatar.png Current (Signature)
Silversoft Cat HM555.png Current (Regular)
Snow Soft Kitty File:Snowsoftkittyavatar.png Regular
Sterling Cheeky Cat File:Sterlingcheekycatavatar.png Current (Regular)
Striped Cheeky Cat File:Stripedcheekycatavatar.png Regular
Sugar Coated Kitty File:Sugarcoatedkittyavatar.png Current (Virtual)
Tickled Pink Cat HM428.png Current (Regular)
Tinkercat File:Tinkercatavatar.png Current (Virtual)
Tuxedo Cat File:Tuxedocatavatar.png Current (Regular)
Tuxedo Cat HM2013.png Current (Signature, Small)
Undercover Cat File:Undercovercatavatar.png Current (Virtual)
White Persian HM2003.png Current (Signature, Small)

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