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Webkinz Cats

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Name Image Type
Alley Cat HM042.png Current (Regular)
Alley Cat HS042.png Current (Lil' Kinz)
Bengal Cat File:Bengalcatsignatureavatar.png Current (Signature)
Black & White Cat HM016.png Current (Regular)
Black & White Cat HS016.png Current (Lil' Kinz)
Black Cat HM135.png Seasonal (Regular)
Brilliant Tuxedo Kitty File:Brillianttuxedokittyavatar.png Current (Virtual)
Bubblegum Cheeky Cat HM803.png Retired (Regular)
Calico Cat HM488.png Current (Regular)
Calico Cat HM1005.png Current (Signature)
Cat/Domestic Cat HM845.png Demo
Candy Leopard HM926.png Current (Virtual)
Charcoal Cat HM152.png Current (Regular)
Cheeky Cat HM064.png Retired (Regular)
Cheshire Cat HM954.png Current (Virtual)
Clover Cat File:Clovercatavatar.png Seasonal (Regular)
Colorblock Kitty File:Colorblockkittyavatar.png Regular
Cuddle Cat CuddleCatAvatar.png Current (Regular)
Domino Cat HM334.png Current (Regular)
Ginger Cat HM431.png Retired (Regular)
Gold & White Cat HM017.png Retired (Regular)
Gold & White Cat HS017.png Current (Lil' Kinz)
Grey & White Cat HM015.png Retired (Regular)
Grey & White Cat HS015.png Current (Lil' Kinz)
Grey Tabby Cat HM2005.png Current (Signature, Small)
Grumpy Cat File:Grumpycatavatar.png Regular
Himalayan Cat HM165.png Current (Regular)
Love Kitten HM903.png Seasonal (Virtual)
Lovely Love Kitten File:Lovelylovekittenavatar.png Regular
Marble Cat File:Signaturemarblecatavatar.png Current (Signature)
Neon Pallas Cat File:Neonpallascatavatar.png Current (Virtual)
Ocelot, Signature File:Signatureocelotavatar.png Signature
Orange Tabby Cat File:Orangetabbysignatureavatar.png Current (Signature)
Patchwork Leopard File:Patchworkleopardavatar.png Current (Virtual)
Persian Cat HM110.png Current (Regular)
Persian Cat HS110.png Current (Lil' Kinz)
Pink & White Cat HM189.png Current (Regular)
Polka Dot Bob Cat File:Polkadotbobcatavatar.png Current (Estore)
Pom Pom Kitty HM444.png Current (Regular)
Pretty Kitty File:Prettykittyavatar.png Current (Regular)
Punk Princess Cat File:Punkprincesscatavatar.png Current (Rockerz)
Purple Panther File:Purplepantheravatar.png Current (Virtual)
Ragdoll Cat File:Signatureragdollcatavatar.png Current (Signature)
Scottish Fold Cat File:Scottishfoldcatavatar.png Promo Kinz
Siamese HM160.png Current (Regular)
Siamese Cat File:Signaturesiamesecatavatar.png Current (Signature)
Silversoft Cat HM555.png Current (Regular)
Snow Soft Kitty File:Snowsoftkittyavatar.png Regular
Sterling Cheeky Cat File:Sterlingcheekycatavatar.png Current (Regular)
Striped Cheeky Cat File:Stripedcheekycatavatar.png Regular
Sugar Coated Kitty File:Sugarcoatedkittyavatar.png Current (Virtual)
Sweet Spice Cat SweetSpiceCatAvatar.png Regular
Tickled Pink Cat HM428.png Current (Regular)
Tinkercat File:Tinkercatavatar.png Current (Virtual)
Tuxedo Cat File:Tuxedocatavatar.png Current (Regular)
Tuxedo Cat HM2013.png Current (Signature, Small)
Undercover Cat File:Undercovercatavatar.png Current (Virtual)
White Persian HM2003.png Current (Signature, Small)

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