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Webkinz Bears

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Name Image Type
American Black Bear Image:American-Black-Bear.png Current (Regular)
Arctic Polar Bear Image:Arcticpolarbearavatar.png Current (Regular)
Black Bear HM004.png Current (Regular)
Black Bear HS004.png Current (Lil' Kinz)
Black Bear HM2002.png Current (Small Signature)
Brown Bear HM3006.png Current (Signature Endangered)
Buttons Bear Buttonsbearavatar.png Current (Virtual)
Cosmic Bear Cosmicbearavatar.png Promo Pet
Fire Bear Image:Fire-Bear.jpg Virtual
Grizzly Bear HM187.png Retired (Regular)
Homespun Polar Bear Homespunpolarbearavatar.png Virtual
Iceberg Bear Image:Iceberg Bear Avatar.JPG Current (Virtual)
Mystic Moon Bear Mysticmoonbearavatar.png Promo Pet
Polar Gummy HM993.png Current (Virtual)
Polar Bear HM116.png Current (Regular)
Polar Bear HS116.png Current (Lil' Kinz)
Polar Bear HM3012.png Current (Signature Endangered)
Polar Cub Image:Polar-Cub-Avatar.png Current (Regular)
Quirky Carnival Cub Image:Quirky-Carnival-Cub-Avatar.jpg Current (Virtual)
Sleepover Cub Sleepovercubavatar.png Virtual
Sock Bear Sockbearavatar.png Virtual
Sun Bear HM613.png Retired (Regular)
White Cosmic Bear Whitecosmicbearavatar.png Current (Virtual)
Yellow Fluffy Cub Yellowfluffycubavatar.png Current (Virtual)

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