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Webkinz Actions

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Pet Actions

The first time you going into your house in Webkinz World after logging on, the pet you have selected will do a random sequence of three actions just after the room loads.

On September 20th, 2007, Ganz added a feature that allows players to make their pets do actions at any time. Some actions are on all accounts, some actions must be earned, and some actions are a mystery.

Default Actions

Pet Action Dock Picture Name How to Get
File:Smile_anim.gif File:smileaction.png Smile Default
File:Wave2_good2.gif File:waveaction.png Wave Default
File:Giggle_anim.gif‎ File:giggleaction.png Giggle Default

Kinzville Academy Actions

To receive these actions, a player must complete Level 5 in the classes indicated.

Pet Action Dock Picture Name Class
File:Flip anim right2.gif File:Flip.jpg Flip Weightlifting
file:Reindeer-animated-right2.gif‎‎ File:action_rollover.jpg Roll Over Running
File:Collie-animated-right2.gif‎‎ File:action_jump.jpg Jump Track and Field
File:Kiss anim right2.gif ‎‎‎ File:action_kiss.jpg Blow a Kiss Painting
File:Hide eyes anim right2.gif File:action_hide.jpg Hide Eyes Language
File:Charcoal-cat-animated-right2.gif‎ File:action_dance.jpg Dance Fashion

Other Actions


The following actions are mysteries. Although there doesn't appear to be any way in Webkinz World to "earn" these actions, some players have had the actions appear on their accounts. Some actions show up on the Action Bar as blank spaces, others only show up as an addition to a recorded sequence.

Pet Action Dock Picture Name How to Get
File:Sleep Action.gif
Pet sleeps without a bed
File:sleepaction.png Sleep Unknown
Pet wags tail
File:wagtailaction.png Wag Tail Unknown
Pet tips head and wiggles ears
File:earwiggleaction.png Ear Wiggle Unknown
Pet stamps foot
File:stampfootaction.png Stamp Foot[1] Unknown
Pet walks in place
File:shuffleaction.png Shuffle Unknown
Pet sits without a chair
File:sitaction.png Sit Unknown
Looks the same as "sit"
File:ridaction.png Ride Unknown
  1. Originally meant to be Level 5 prize for Weight Lifting Class.

Action Panel


The Action Panel is where all your pet's actions are stored.

Action Sequences

Action sequences allow you to record a series of actions to play back later.