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Wacky Zingoz Extreme Promotion

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Wacky Zingoz Extreme


In early 2008, Ganz released a plushie Wacky Zingoz for sale. Instead of adopting Wacky like regular Webkinz plushies, players entered the feature code in the Code Shop. This unlocked a special game called Wacky Zingoz Extreme.



To promote the release of the plushie Zingoz and the introduction of Wacky Zingoz Extreme to Webkinz World, Ganz held a Click to Win event. In March, Wacky Zingoz started floating across screens in Webkinz World. Users clicking on a Zingoz received one of three "Candy Bats" to feed to their Webkinz. The Zingoz were flying from March 6th, 2008 to ???.

The floating Zingoz did not return in future years.


3224-1.png 3225-1.png 3223-1.png
Candy Gravity Bat Candy Hyper Bat Chocolate Bat

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