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Wacky Zingoz Extreme

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Wacky Zingoz Extreme is an Arcade game that is unlocked by using a code in the Code Shop, either from a Wacky Zingoz plush toy or the Ganz eStore.


Game Access

Plush Toy

In early 2008, Ganz began selling plushie Wacky Zingoz. These toys come with a feature code that, when entered into the Code Shop, unlocks the Wacky Zingoz Extreme game in the Webkinz World Arcade.

To promote the release of this game, and the release of the Wacky Zingoz plushie, Ganz held a Click to Win event in March 2008, the Wacky Zingoz Extreme Promotion.

eStore Sales


In late 2010, Ganz began selling the Wacky Zingoz Extreme code, without the plush toy, in the Ganz eStore.

Tournament Area

A Webkinz member who does not have access to Wacky Zingoz Extreme can play the game as well. To do this, he must be invited to play in the Tournament Arena (PVP play) by a friend who does have access to the game. In this way, people who have not purchased the game can still try it out.




There is no trophy for this game.



High Scoring

According to the the WI High Score Board, the highest score achieved by a WebkinzInsider member in Wacky Zingoz Extreme is 6,165.2 by member Janna479.