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Wacky Zingoz Celebration

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The Wacky Zingoz Celebration is held in July, August or September each year. During the celebration, there are Click-to-Win events, special eStore items, a special trophy from the Wacky Zingoz game and special clothing prizes from the WackyER Zingoz game.

Celebration Prizes

Celebration Wacky Zingoz Game Trophy and Badge

Players win the trophy and badge below from the Wacky Zingoz game.

When the Wacky Zingoz game was first introduced to Webkinz World, all players who managed to hit the Zingoz for a distance of 600 in a single shot were awarded a Wacky Zingoz 600 Trophy. Sometime in 2007, Ganz changed the game's programming so that the trophy was no longer awarded. Many people thought that the trophy had been retired, but this turned out to not be the case.

Then in 2008, Ganz made the trophy "winnable" again for the week of the Wacky Zingoz Celebration.[1] They did the same thing for the Celebrations in 2009 and 2010.[2]


To get the Wacky Zingoz to go a distance of 600, you must hit him so that he says "Zingoz Man" and goes into a pose with one hand above his head. Now, you are not guaranteed to get a trophy every time he hits that pose, because there is still a random factor programmed into the game, but the more times you can hit him just right, the better your odds are of winning a trophy. For more information and screenshots, see the WIki page on Wacky Zingoz.

Wacky Zingoz 600 Trophies are only awarded during the Wacky Zingoz Celebration.

In 2014, the Wacky Zingoz 600 Trophy was no longer awarded. Instead, a new trophy, the Master Blaster 600 Trophy was awarded. Exactly like the previous trophy, the new 2014 trophy was was awarded for playing achieving 600 or more distance in a single hit.

In 2015, the Wacky Zingoz 600 Trophy was awarded for hitting Wacky 600 feet or further in the Wacky Zingoz game during the Wacky Zingoz Celebration.[3]

Wacky Zingoz 600 Trophy
Master Blaster 600 Trophy

Click-to-Win Prizes

During the Wacky Zingoz Celebration, yellow Wacky Zingoz float across the screen in Webkinz World. Players clicking on a Wacky Zingoz receive a special prize.

The Zingoz "drift" across the screen from left to right. They can only be seen on screens where the player's dock is showing. If the player has an extra window open in Webkinz World (like when shopping in the wShop), the Zingoz will float "under" the second window and may be difficult to click.

There has been speculation and rumor about the best place to be in Webkinz World to spot a Zingoz. The truth is, that the odds are exactly the same no matter where you are, as long as you can see your dock.

In 2010, the Zingoz Wind Spinner replaced the Zingoz Plushie as the click-to-win prize and a MyPage badge was awarded for winning three trophies on the same account.

In 2011, a new click to win item was introduced, the Free Ride Zingoz Hat,which is now considered to be a rare item by Ganz.The Wacky Zingoz 600 Trophy also returned. And, for the first time ever, clothing prizes were added to the WackyER Zingoz game. A New MyPage badge was earned winning three trophies on the same account.

In 2012, the click to win items were the wacky cupcake, caramel bat, and the chocolate trophy. The clothing in WackyER Zingoz also returned. The same badge from 2011 was available to members who were not able to earn it the previous year.

In 2012, members could only click on one wacky zingoz per day.

In 2013 and 2014, there were two click-to-win events. One on Webkinz World (2013 prizes: Chocolate Wacky Trophy, Wacky Cupcake, Marshmallow Wacky, Wackys Popcorn, Wacky Ice Pop; 2014 prizes: Chocolate Wacky Trophy, Wacky Cake Pop, Wacky Juice Box, Wackys Popcorn, Zangoz Cookie) and one on Webkinz Newz (Candy Gravity Bat, Candy Hyper Bat, Chocolate Bat Wacky Plushie, and Wacky's Bingoz Extra Ball Coupon). In 2014, Wacky Prizes were also available on the Mobile Wheel of Wow.

In 2015, Wacky appeared floating across the in game screen wearing his red and blue Wacky Jet Backpack. The Wacky Crackers, Wacky Fruit Kebabs, Zangoz Orange Fizz and Wacky Cake Pops were available in 2015. Players could click floating Wacky up to three times per day.

In 2016, Wacky appeared floating across the in game screen wearing his red and blue Wacky Jet Backpack. The Wacky Cupcakes, Zangoz Orange Fizz or Wacky Ice Pops and the Nut Bar is brand new this year. Players could click floating Wacky up to three times per day. In 2016, the Grand Prize was the Wacky Snack Machine Fridge.

Candy Gravity Bat
Candy Hyper Bat
Caramel Bat
Chocolate Bat
Chocolate Wacky Trophy
Free Ride Zingoz Hat
Marshmallow Wacky
Wacky Cake Pop
Wacky Crackers
Wacky Cupcake
Wacky Fruit Kebab
Wacky Ice Pop
Wacky Juice Box
Wacky Nut Bar
Wacky Snack Machine Fridge
Wacky's Bingoz Extra Ball
Wackys Popcorn
Zangoz Cookie
Zangoz Orange Fizz
Zingoz Plushie
Zingoz Wind Spinner


Wacky Zingoz Celebration Trivia

During the 2014 celebration, two types of popcorn prizes were awarded during the click-to-win event. During the beginning of the click-to-win event, Wacky's Popcorn with an apostrophe was awarded. Soon after the event began, Wacky's popcorn was replaced with Wackys popcorn (spelled without an apostrophe) as a prize. The two popcorn prizes have unique images. In August 2014, the name of the Wacky's Popcorn (with an apostrophe) was changed to "Playtime Popcorn" and became the PSF for the Puggle Pup.

Wacky's Popcorn
Wackys Popcorn

Multiple Accounts


Some players like to have multiple accounts open so they can get as many Wacky Zingoz as possible. To open more than one account on the same computer, instead of going to to log on, go to


If you copy that web address on to multiple windows, you will be able to log on to multiple accounts at the same time, as many accounts as you have access to. It may take some practice to get all of the windows spaced correctly, but if you place them just right across your screen, you can watch multiple accounts at once.

If you use Google Chrome, you can use a different method. First, open the Webkinz World login page normally. Then, right click on the bar at the top of the page. A menu should drop down. In than menu, you will see a "Duplicate" option. Click it, and a new login page will come up. Using this method, you can have any amount of pages open as you need.


Wacky Zingoz Timing

There IS a pattern to the timing of when Wacky Zingoz will float across the screen. It can't guarantee when you will see a Zingoz on your account, but can tell you the best times to keep an eye on the screen. For past Wacky Zingoz Celebrations, the Zingoz have been on an "eleven-minute schedule". Now, this doesn't mean you will get a Wacky Zingoz every eleven minutes but simply that you will have a chance of getting a Zingoz every eleventh minute.

For example, if you start a timer the moment you log on, pay attention for Zingoz at 11 minutes, 22 minutes, 33 minutes, 44 minutes, and so on. Depending on exactly when you start your timer during the log on process, you may be a few seconds off, so you may want to adjust your timer when you see your first Zingoz. Just don't miss the Zingoz in the process!

Other click-to-win events have been on other timing schedules, and there is no guarantee what the Wacky Zingoz Celebration schedule will be from year to year. Keep an eye on Webkinz Insider's front page. As soon as the timing is figured out, the information will be posted there.

WackyER Zingoz Clothing & Other WackyER Zingoz Game Prizes

To win the WackER Zingoz prizes, you must score at least 11,500 in single game of WackyER Zingoz during the time period of the Wacky Zingoz Celebration. Each time you score that amount, a random prize is added to your dock. The WackyER Baseball Short & WackyER Zingoz Baseball Cap were new prizes in 2013. The WackyER Wallpaper and WackyER Flooring were new prizes in 2014. The Wacky Light Up Lamp, WackyER Window, WackyER Wallpaper and WackyER Flooring were available in 2015. In 2016, the WackyER Window, Wacky Light Up Lamp, Wacky Garden Statue, and Zangoz Topiary were prizes.

WackyER Zingoz Hat
WackyER Zingoz Pants
WackyER Zingoz Shirt
WackyER Zingoz Shoes
WackyER Baseball Shirt
WackyER Zingoz Baseball Cap
WackyER Flooring
Wacky Garden Statue
WackyER Wallpaper
Wacky Light Up Lamp
WackyER Window
Zangoz Topiary


eStore Items

→ Wacky Zingoz Celebration eStore Items

Zingoz Celebration Dates

File:july.png File:august.png File:September.png
  • July 17th to July 23rd, 2008
  • July 25th to July 31st, 2009
  • July 12th to July 18th, 2010
  • August 20th to 26th, 2011
  • August 18th to September 2nd, 2012
  • August 17 to September 1, 2013
  • August 1 to August 10, 2014
  • July 31 to August 9, 2015[4]
  • August 1 to August 12, 2016[5]
  • August 1 to August 12, 2018[6]



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