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Wacky Log Out Carnival

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The Promotion

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In early May 2011, Ganz began posting "teasers" on Webkinz Newz and ads in Webkinz World for the Wacky Log Out Carnival. Each day, for one week, Ella McWoof also slowly revealed a mystery image (a Wacky Hot Air Balloon) related to the event and asked players to guess what it was.

The Carnival

Beginning May 11, 2011, players who "Log Out" to exit Webkinz World may play three Wacky Log Out Carnival mini-games once per day per account.

Launch Wacky

The Launch Wacky game consists of four dials that can be set to different positions before clicking the "Launch" button.

If you manage to launch Wacky all the way to the top you will receive the Grand Prize: a Wacky Hot Air Balloon!

While some players contend that the dials must be in certain positions to win the prize, this has not proven true for all players.


Wacky Pinata


Wacky Balloon Pop



Image:Wackylogoutprizes.png File:Untitled-3.jpg

In addition to the Wacky Hot Air Balloon that can be won in the Launch Wacky event, players can also win KinzCash, Wish Tokens, recipez, and Daily KinzCare prizes.

Click HERE to view the Daily KinzCare prizes.

In August 2015, 3 new Daily Kinz Care prizes were added: the Desk Lamp, Garbage Bin and School Bell. The Daily KinzCare prizes can also be won by clicking the daily Free Gift button upon loggin in a total of 7 times or by spinning the Wheel of Wow a total of 15 times.[1]


Players may also be awarded badges.