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Wacky Zingoz (Character)

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This article is about the character Wacky Zingoz. For the Arcade Game, see Wacky Zingoz (Game).

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Wacky Zingoz (Character)
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
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Wacky Zingoz is the star of many games in Webkinz World. He stars in:

Ganz also released a plush version of Wacky that when activated on your account gives you access to the Wacky Zingoz Extreme Arcade Game.

Wacky Zingoz has also been seen as a judge in Webkinz Stadium and has starred in two Click-to-Win events: Wacky Zingoz Extreme Promotion and the Wacky Zingoz Celebration

Wacky Zingoz is described as "Wacky is a cheerful yellow Zingoz with a rather strange hobby – being whacked around by a large Zangoz! Wacky loves to hang out and play games with his friend the Zangoz." [1]


Wacky can be found in the following books:

W Tales Book: Plumpy's Great Advice


Wacky Zingoz Phrases

Trading Cards

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