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W Tales Book: Inukshuk's Wish

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Basic Info



This book can be purchased at the wShop for 75 KinzCash


The following characters are a part of this story: Fluffington, Inukshuk, Ms. Birdy, Chef Gazpacho, Maddie, Dr. Quack, and Plumpy Eunice Hippo.

Book Pages

Content removed by request from Ganz.

Trading Card

This story was featured on a Webkinz Trading Card:


"'It's a magic hat,' Maddie grinned. 'It gives you three wishes once a year on Christmas day. You've only got one left, and you've got to make it a good one.' 'I wish,' Inukshuk began, 'I wish everyone had a friend as wonderful as Maddie. Merry Christmas Maddie,' Inukshuk said, hugging his friend. 'And thank you for my wonderful hat.'"

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