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WW Celebrities Have Their Say

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File:underconstruction.png This page is currently under construction. Information on this page may not be completely finished or accurate.
For more information on this project, please see its Discussion Thread.
Please feel free to contribute to this page.
If you have ANY sayings that you don't see here, please add them in or put them on the Discussion Page.


Arte Fact

Arte Fact is a weathered old golden retriever who runs the Curio Shop.

Ms. Cowoline

Ms. Cowoline is a scholarly cow who runs the Kinzville Academy.

Fred Rover

Fred Rover is a dog who runs the Webkinz Stadium.

Pollie Jean Collie

Pollie Jean Collie is a Collie who is the agent at the Kinzstyle Outlet.

Ms Emily Birdy

Ms Birdy is a kind penguin who runs the Adoption Center.

Dr. Quack

Dr. Quack is a duck who runs Dr. Quack's Clinic.


Sheldon is a carefree turtle who runs the Souvenir Shack on Vacation Island


Quizzy is a bear who runs Quizzy's Question Corner.

Amanda Panda

Amanda Panda is a panda who runs the Wish Factory.

File:Amanda Panda.gif

Tabby Von Meow

Tabby Von Meow is a cat who runs the Employment Office.


Alyssa is the queen of the good fairies and host of Alyssa's Star Challenge.