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WI High Score Board

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The WI High Score Board is a collection of Arcade game high scores that was begun to give members an idea of the highest scores achieved in games when the score board was removed from Webkinz World in 2007.

The Score Board includes the highest score achieved by members who post on the thread in the forum, and they must be verified by a picture of the score being achieved. These are updated as often as possible.

To find your personal high score, total number of times played, and your average score, visit the Kinzville Times Newspaper and select the section titled "Scores and Achievements."

The original thread in the WI forum is located here, maintained by member -Lilypad:

WI High Score Board

The below high scores are accurate as of July 2, 2011.

Game Member Score
Ant Mania - Picnic 2 ClosingTime 1,570
Bamboo Break Oddmeister 53,525
Bananza monkeecj 9,668
Booger Gets an A Bwicker 94,087
Bounce n' Burst monkeecj 19,523
Candy Bash gorilla723 99,058
Candy Bash 2 monkeecj 31,880
Cash Cow Amneris 32,204
Cash Cow 2 Spypuppy 2,315
Color Storm cocoabean 11,026
Crafty Canaries
Dex Dangerous and the Lunar Lugbotz Woollyrubic 7,779
Eager Beaver Adventure Park twinmom1998 68,335
Flutterbugged RobertFrog 31,875
Get Eleven Solitaire Janna479 39,610
Go-Go Googles gottaluvjoe 170,054
Goober's Lab 4KidzinWebkinz 208,993
Griddling Gourmet Amneris 9000
Hide N' Skunk bwicker 17,947
Home Before Dark woollyrubric 16,991
Hoppy Little Rocketship
Hungry Hog woollyrubric 55,150
Jazz Monsters simpson235 48,492
Lily Padz Ilovemom619 10,190
Lily Padz 2 monkeecj 21,413
Lunch Letters Hamlet 47,771
Mini Golf b0bkat and Bert_X 110
Operation Gumball cocoabean 124,273
Picnic Crystalflute 1,768
Pinky's Big Adventure ClosingTime 20,860
Pizza Palace SallyAnne 85,391
Plumpy's Hairdresser mombraun 17,843
Polarberry Jam first achieved by monkeecj[1] 29,594
Polar Plunge monkeecj 11,213
Pumpkin Patch Protector monkeecj 12,180
Quizzy's Word Challenge Bernie3 9,326
Smoothie Moves Melanaa 241,335
Stack 'Em Up Solitaire woollyrubric 18,455
Stardrops SnowCrystal 173,500
Tile Towers Sambellarose 18,009
Treasures of the Crystal Sea tazman 28,145
Triple Strike Solitaire Amneris 10,420
Tropical Troubles monkeecj 11,045
Tulip Trouble 2 webkinzboy13 27,348
Tunneling Twigzy janna479 28,035
Wacky's Bullseye Batter millerbt 23,192
Wacky Zingoz JBONE92 2,972
WackyER Zingoz monkeecj 31,145
Wacky Zingoz Extreme Janna479 6,165.2
Waddell's Icecap Adventure Evan101singingstar 1,737
Webkinz Rally wildhunt 20,551
Where's Wacky mombraun 26,937
Whimsy Skies EXOTERIC 77,845
Zacky's Quest Hamlet 40,210
Zingoz Pie Throw monkeecj 68,040
Zingoz Bounce Hamlet 53,510
Zingoz Pop cocoabean 28,009

  1. Every completed game of Polarberry Jam gives a score of 29,594.